Mammals ordered by their weight


The mammals listed on this page are sorted by their weight. Not all mammals are listed, only the ones where we know their weight as an adult. You can for example get the answer to 'how much does an adult ... weigh?'. If you want to add anything to this list, pls contact us ( contact form below )


Adult weight (kilograms)

Blue whale136,000
Fin whale70,000
Southern right whale45,000
Humpback whale30,000
Gray whale28,500
Northern right whale23,000
Sei whale20,000
Bryde's whale16,000
Baird's beaked whale11,380
Minke whale7,500
Northern bottlenose whale6,500
Gervais's beaked whale5,600
African elephant4,800
Killer whale3,988
Asian elephant3,178
Cuvier's beaked whale2,701
Short-finned pilot whale2,200
White rhinoceros2,175
Javan rhinoceros1,750
Indian rhinoceros1,602
Northern elephant seal1,600
Southern elephant seal1,400
Sumatran rhinoceros1,260
Black rhinoceros1,100
Blainville's beaked whale1,088
Long-finned pilot whale1,060
False killer whale748
Water buffalo725
African buffalo700
American bison630
European bison610
Amazonian manatee480
Polar bear475
Bactrian camel475
Weddell seal425
Risso's dolphin425
Pygmy sperm whale425
Northern sea lion415
Hooded seal405
Grevy's zebra384
Bearded seal373
Leopard seal368
Caribbean manatee322
Baird's tapir300
Mountain zebra296
Burchell's zebra280
Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphin280
Brown bear and grizzly bear278
Mediterranean monk seal275
Gray seal268
Brazilian tapir250
Malayan tapir250
Roan antelope225
Sable antelope225
Hawaiian monk seal223
Greater kudu218
Pygmy hippopotamus215
Atlantic white-sided dolphin208
Southern sea lion208
Melon-headed whale206
Giant forest hog203
Bottlenosed dolphin200
Red deer200
Irrawaddy dolphin190
Australian sea lion190
New Zealand sea lion188
Pere David's deer187
Harp seal180
California sea lion180
Wild boar180
Scimitar-horned oryx178
Ross seal177
Northern fur seal166
Blue wildebeest165
Fraser's dolphin164
American black bear154
Mountain anoa150
Mountain tapir149
Thorold's deer135
Black wildebeest132
South African fur seal128
Eld's deer123
Arabian oryx121
Dall's porpoise120
Giant panda118
Harbor seal115
Rough-toothed dolphin114
Pantropical spotted dolphin113
Striped dolphin113
South American fur seal110
Spectacled bear109
Asiatic black bear104
Pacific white-sided dolphin103
Bearded pig103
Marsh deer103
Caribou and reindeer101
Wart hog100
Sloth bear100
Mountain goat90
Nile lechwe90
Ringed seal90
Baikal seal90
Ribbon seal90
Red river hog88
White-tailed deer87
Caspian seal86
Spotted seal85
Antarctic fur seal85
Sassaby or blesbok85
Amazon dolphin84
Yangzte river dolphin or baiji84
Lesser kudu83
Short-beaked saddleback dolphin80
Javan pig76
Nilgiri tahr75
Dall's sheep73
Dama gazelle73
Bighorn sheep70
Jentink's duiker70
Chilean guemal70
West Caucasian tur70
Ganges dolphin70
Fallow deer70
Grant's gazelle67
Timor deer63
Spotted hyena63
Yellow-backed duiker62
Southern reedbuck58
Spanish ibex58
Mule deer57
Hector's dolphin56
Red kangaroo55
Bawean deer55
New Zealand fur seal55
Harbor porpoise53
Sub-Antarctic fur seal50
Philippine brown deer50
Commerson's dolphin50
Snow leopard50
East Caucasian tur50
Antilopine wallaroo50
Eastern gray kangaroo50
Soemmering's gazelle49
Goitered gazelle49
Rhim gazelle49
River dolphin47
Nubian ibex46
Sun bear46
Bohar reedbuck46
Southern fur seal46
Red brocket46
Brown hyena42
Sika deer42
Calamian deer41
Striped hyena40
Pygmy chimpanzee or bonono40
Eastern roe deer39
Himalayan tahr35
Chacoan peccary35
Tufted deer34
Giant armadillo33
Finless porpoise33
Pampas deer33
Northern hairy-nosed wombat31
Pyranean chamois30
Mountain reedbuck30
Mongolian gazelle30
Giant anteater29
Western gray kangaroo28
Chinese goral27
Gray wolf27
African wild dog27
Sea otter26
Hairy-nosed wombat26
Coarse-haired wombat26
Thomson's gazelle25
Common rhebok25
European beaver25
Giant otter24
Cape porcupine24
African clawless otter24
Mountain gazelle23
Arabian tahr23
White-lipped peccary22
Fea's muntjac22
Western roe deer22
Maned wolf22
Indian muntjac21
American beaver20
Collared peccary20
Indian crested porcupine20
African porcupine20
Speke's gazelle20
Clouded leopard20
Four-horned antelope19
Indian gazelle19
Bush duiker19
Black duiker18
Reeves's muntjac18
Hamadryas baboon18
Black wallaroo18
Zebra duiker18
Cuvier's gazelle18
Gray brocket17
Whiptail wallaby17
Gelada baboon16
Red-necked wallaby16
Agile wallaby16
Red-fronted gazelle15
Swamp wallaby15
Proboscis monkey15
Dorcas gazelle15
Black-fronted duiker14
African civet14
Hanuman langur14
Asiatic golden cat14
Indian pangolin13
Old World badger13
Red-flanked duiker13
Patagonian cavy13
Chinese forest musk deer12
Tonkean macaque12
Bay duiker12
Chinese water deer12
Capped leaf monkey11
Grizzled tree kangaroo11
Black-striped scrub wallaby11
Woolly spider monkey or muriqui11
Spanish lynx11
Alpine musk deer11
Water chevrotain11
Golden jackal11
Barbary macaque11
African golden cat11
Fishing cat11
Hog badger11
Tibetan macaque10
Black-backed jackal10
Side-striped jackal10
Cape grysbok10
Canada lynx10
Oriental civet10
Jungle cat10
Honey badger10
Southern pudu10
Siberian musk deer10
Natal duiker10
Douc langur10
Doria's tree kangaroo10
King colobus10
Small-eared dog10
Red-capped mangabey9
Tana River mangabey9
Gray-cheeked mangabey9
Bennett's tree kangaroo9
Stump-tailed macaque9
Assam macaque9
Mountain paca9
Northern river otter9
Blue monkey9
Smooth-coated otter9
Japanese macaque9
Angolan colobus9
North American porcupine9
Rhesus monkey8
Golden leaf monkey8
Pygmy hog8
Black tree kangaroo8
American badger8
Old World porcupine8
Celebes crested macaque8
Pigtail macaque8
Black spider monkey8
Liontail macaque8
Patas monkey8
White-bellied spider monkey8
Neotropical river otter8
Long-nosed echidna8
Goodfellow's tree kangaroo7
Francois' langur7
Bobak marmot7
Central American spider monkey7
Matschie's tree kangaroo7
Purple-faced leaf monkey7
Dusky leaf monkey7
Mantled howler monkey7
Bear cuscus7
Maxwell's duiker7
Mexican black howler monkey7
White-handed gibbon7
Bonnet macaque7
Flat-headed cat7
Eurasian river otter7
Grizzled leaf monkey7
North Sumatran leaf monkey7
Bolivian red howler monkey7
Cane rat7
Red howler monkey7
Mitred leaf monkey7
Raccoon dog7
Crab-eating fox7
Tammar wallaby7
Tasmanian devil7
Greater mouse-deer7
Long-tailed macaque6
Hoary marmot6
Crab-eating raccoon6
Hoffmann's two-toed sloth6
Blue duiker6
Linne's two-toed sloth6
Silvery gibbon6
Bush dog6
Ringtailed rock wallaby6
White-whiskered spider monkey6
Chamek spider monkey6
Plains viscacha6
Common raccoon6
Brush-tailed rock wallaby6
De Brazza's monkey6
Agile gibbon6
Kloss's gibbon6
Northern nail-tailed wallaby6
Borneo gibbon6
Pileated gibbon6
Diademed sifaka6
Australian tiger cat6
Ridled nail-tailed wallaby6
Common long-nosed armadillo6
Wild cat6
White-nosed guenon5
Black howler monkey5
Sun-tailed monkey5
Preuss's monkey5
Tasmanian red-bellied pademelon5
Kirk's dik-dik5
Brown dorcopsis5
Leopard cat5
Verreaux's sifaka5
Six-banded armadillo5
Gray fox5
Vancouver marmot5
Allen's swamp monkey5
L'hoest's monkey5
Cuban hutia5
Diana monkey5
Gunther's dik-dik5
Mona monkey5
Northern tamandua5
Southern tamandua5
Owl-faced monkey4
Toque macaque4
Lesser panda4
Masked palm civet4
Allied rock wallaby4
Parma wallaby4
Three-toed tree sloth4
Black-footed rock wallaby4
Black-tailed jack rabbit4
European hare4
Mountain hare4
Bat-eared fox4
Red fox4
Red-legged pademelon4
Otter civet4
Cape fox4
Booted macaque4
Prehensile-tailed porcupine4
Maned sloth4
Lesser mouse-deer4
Red-necked pademelon4
White-nosed coati4
Black-cheeked white-nosed monkey4
Western rock wallaby4
Ruffed lemur4
Lesser white-nosed monkey4
Campbell's monkey4
Rock hyrax4
Moustached monkey4
Crowned guenon4
Gray dorcopsis4
Golden-crowned sifaka4
Alpine marmot4
Spotted cuscus4
Striped skunk4
Yellow-bellied marmot4
Marbled cat4
White-tailed mongoose4
Sooty agouti4
Southern naked-tailed armadillo4
Molina's hog-nosed skunk3
Marsh mongoose3
Red-bellied monkey3
Rufous 'rat'-kangaroo3
Owston's palm civet3
Red uakari3
Mountain brush-tailed possum3
Brown lemur3
Common palm civet3
White-tailed jackrabbit3
Large bamboo rat3
Spectacled hare-wallaby3
Small Indian civet3
Long-snouted mongoose3
Oriental small-clawed otter3
Virginia opossum3
Tree hyrax3
Papuan mountain wallaby3
Brown-bearded saki3
Black uakari3
White-nosed bearded saki3
Hairy-rumpted agouti3
Pale fox3
Sand cat3
Brush-tailed porcupine3
Northern naked-tailed armadillo3
Indonesian porcupine3
Mexican agouti3
Corsac fox3
White-faced capuchin3
Azara's agouti3
Guyanan agouti3
Brown capuchin3
Ring-tailed lemur3
Weeping capuchin3
Gray cuscus3
Crowned lemur3
Yellow-throated marten3
Black lemur3
White-fronted capuchin2
Bush hyrax2
Indian spotted chevrotain2
Ground cuscus2
Swift fox2
Banded palm civet2
Brush-tailed possum2
Indian fox2
Cape hare2
Chinese pangolin2
Small-toothed palm civet2
Striped-necked mongoose2
Royal antelope2
Little spotted cat2
Panther genet2
Andean hairy armadillo2
Central American agouti2
Black-footed cat2
Banded hare-wallaby2
Mongoose lemur2
Kit fox2
Hairy armadillo2
Asian long-tailed porcupine2
Black giant squirrel2
Mexican tree porcupine2
Indian giant squirrel2
Asiatic brush-tailed porcupine2
Black-legged mongoose2
Burmese ferret badger2
African palm civet2
Hog-nosed skunk2
Island gray fox2
Small-spotted genet2
Crab-eating mongoose2
Large-spotted genet2
Old World rabbit2
Monk saki2
Hodgson's giant flying squirrel2
Red-bellied lemur2
Slender-tailed cloud rat2
Red giant flying squirrel2
Hairy tree porcupine2
Greater bamboo lemur2
Tasmanian bettong2
Ruddy mongoose2
Beech marten2
Red and white giant flying squirrel2
Scaly-tailed possum2
Indian giant flying squirrel2
Japanese giant flying squirrel2
Long-footed potoroo2
Abyssinian genet2
Snowshoe rabbit2
Brindled bandicoot2
Short-nosed echidna2
Malagasy civet2
Mountain viscacha2
Southern opossum2
La Plata three-banded armadillo2
Gambian rat2
Brown's hutia2
Guianan saki1
Seven-banded armadillo1
Golden bamboo lemur1
Short-tailed mongoose1
Rusty-spotted cat1
Greater gliding possum1
Bamboo lemur1
Banded mongoose1
Rufous hare-wallaby1
Burrowing bettong1
Flying lemur (glider)1
Giant rat1
European pine marten1
Rabbit-bandicoot or bilby1
Small-eared galago1
Hispaniolan hutia1
Riverine or bushman rabbit1
Duck-billed platypus1
Peruvian mountain viscacha1
Rufous spiny bandicoot1
Malagasy giant rat1
Southern bushy-tailed olingo1
Marsh cottontail rabbit1
Gray monk saki1
Northern bettong1
Three-banded armadillo1
Equatorial saki1
Pale giant squirrel1
Indian flying fox1
Eastern cottontail1
Mountain beaver1
Black-tailed prairie dog1
Coppery titi1
Greater galago1
Servaline genet1
Lemuroid ringtail possum1
Black-footed ferret1
Cuban solenodon1
Japanese marten1
Blanford's fox1
Haitian solenodon1
Little grison1
Hooded skunk1
Rock cavy1
South American squirrel monkey1
Striped polecat, zorilla1
White-eared opossum1
New England cottontail rabbit1
Black-footed tree rat1
Audubon's cottontail rabbit1
Gunnison's prairie dog1
Slow loris1
Western quoll1
American marten1
Lemurine night monkey1
Noisy night monkey1
Large flying fox1
Chaco tuco-tuco1
Greater long-nosed bandicoot1
Golden-bellied water rat1
Ring-tailed possum1
Azara's opossum1
Leeser hairy armadillo1
European polecat1
Dusky titi1
Northern night monkey1
Javan mongoose1
Eastern fox squirrel1
Malagasy ring-tailed mongoose1
Bolivian titi1
Long-nosed cusimanse1
Central American squirrel monkey1
Red-tailed sportive lemur1
Spectacled flying fox1
Long-nosed bandicoot1
Nuttall's cottontail rabbit1
Crested rat1
Western European hedgehog1
Algerian hedgehog1
Guinea pig1
Eastern European hedgehog1
Abert's squirrel1
Southern brown bandicoot1
Water opossum (yapok)1
Weasel sportive lemur1
Banded linsang1
Brush rabbit1
Narrow-striped mongoose1
Comoro black flying fox1
Gray-headed flying fox1
New Guinean bandicoot1
Black flying fox1
Ferret badger1
Rock squirrel1
Bahamian hutia1
Golden lion tamarin1
New Guinea spiny bandicoot1
Lesser bamboo rat1
Cape grey mongoose1
Peruvian guinea pig1
Bolivian squirrel monkey1
Eurasian red squirrel1
Striped ground squirrel1
Red-bellied squirrel1
Spotted skunk1
African pygmy (four-toed) hedgehog1
Yellow mongoose1
European mink1
South African ground squirrel1
Fluffy glider1
Golden-rumped lion tamarin1
Siberian weasel1
Goeldi's monkey1
Midas tamarin1
Black-chested mustached tamarin1
Marbled polecat1
Golden-rumped elephant shrew1
Golden-headed lion tamarin1
Eastern gray squirrel1
Pemba flying fox1
Northern quoll1
Black-mantled tamarin1
Emperor tamarin1
Black-bellied hamster1
Armored rat1
Red-chested mustached tamarin1
Spiny rat1
Musky rat kangaroo1
Slender mongoose1
Geoffroy's tamarin0
Brazilian bare-faced tamarin0
Silvery-brown bare-face tamarin0
Variegated squirrel0
Golden bandicoot0
Franklin's ground squirrel0
Saddlebacked tamarin0
Mauritius flying fox0
Yellow-toothed cavy0
Variable flying fox0
Gray four-eyed opossum0
Cotton-top tamarin0
Brown four-eyed opossum0
Ryukyu flying fox0
Guayaquil squirrel0
Moluccan naked-backed fruit bat0
Western gray squirrel0
Pygmy rabbit0
Pygmy loris0
Squirrel glider0
Barbary ground squirrel0
Quaira spiny rat0
Fork-marked lemur0
Prevost's squirrel0
Texas pocket gopher0
Greater dwarf lemur0
Fat-tailed dwarf lemur0
Brazilian spiny rat0
Red-tailed squirrel0
Checkered elephant shrew0
Thick-tailed opossum0
Cayenne spiny rat0
Rodriguez flying fox0
Woolly opossum0
Great jerboa0
Philippine tree shrew0
Richardson's ground squirrel0
Geoffroy's marmoset0
Weid's black-tufted-ear marmoset0
Long-eared desert hedgehog0
Brazilian guinea pig0
Common yellow-toothed cavy0
Bushy-tailed woodrat0
Mueller's giant Sunda rat0
Greater stick-nest rat0
Hammer-headed fruit bat0
Central American woolly opossum0
Red-legged sun squirrel0
Black four-eyed opossum0
Striped possum0
Lyle's flying fox0
Western needle-clawed galago0
Horse-tailed squirrel0
South African hedgehog0
Black-pencilled marmoset0
Straw-colored fruit bat0
Little red flying fox0
Norway rat0
Eastern woodrat0
Belding's ground squirrel0
Great gerbil0
Andean spiny rat0
White-naped weasel0
Peters's climbing rat0
Armored spiny rat0
Dwarf mongoose0
Cascade golden-mantled ground squirrel0
Allen's squirrel galago0
Pallas's squirrel0
Fire-footed rope squirrel0
Yellow-faced pocket gopher0
Golden-backed tree rat0
Silky anteater0
Small pika0
Calabar angwantibo0
Gray-bellied squirrel0
White-tufted-ear marmoset0
Black-shouldered opossum0
Giant mole-rat0
Slender loris0
Desert woodrat0
Southern plains woodrat0
Euphrates jerboa0
Shark Bay Islands barred bandicoot0
Greater hedgehog tenrec0
East African mole rat0
Thomas's rope squirrel0
European ground squirrel0
Smith's bush squirrel0
Fat sand rat0
Four-toed elephant shrew0
White-throated woodrat0
Red squirrel0
Northern tree shrew0
Dassie rat0
Tree shrew0
Little golden-mantled flying fox0
Large tree shrew0
Senegal galago0
Bolivian squirrel0
Plantain squirrel0
Deppe's squirrel0
Kintampo rope squirrel0
Guianan squirrel0
Hispid cotton rat0
Shaw's jird0
Cape mole-rat0
Lesser hedgehog tenrec0
Streaked tenrec0
Damaraland mole-rat0
Speke's gundi0
Plains pocket gopher0
Gray tree rat0
South African galago0
Three-striped ground squirrel0
Brandt's hamster0
Thirteen-lined ground squirrel0
Orange-bellied Himalayan squirrel0
Round-tailed ground squirrel0
Silvery mole-rat0
Palestine mole rat0
Golden-mantled ground squirrel0
Nelson's antelope squirrel0
Long-tailed weasel0
Australian false vampire bat0
Vinogradov's jird0
Northern flying squirrel0
Northern palm squirrel0
Indian gerbil0
Vlei rat0
Banner-tailed kangaroo rat0
Spectral tarsier0
Brush-tailed rabbit rat0
Little ground squirrel0
Ear-spot squirrel0
Greater Egyptian jerboa0
Green bush squirrel0
African mole rat0
Siberian flying squirrel0
Bush rat0
Collared pika0
Leadbeater's possum0
Harris's antelope squirrel0
Asian garden dormouse0
Western tarsier0
Carpentarian rock rat0
European water vole0
Philippine tarsier0
Siberian five-toed jerboa0
Botta's pocket gopher0
Desert kangaroo rat0
Australian swamp rat0
Savanna gerbil0
Sugar glider0
Nile kusu0
Leschenault's rousette0
Congo rope squirrel0
White-tailed mouse0
Shorttailed opossum0
White-tailed antelope squirrel0
Golden hamster0
Northern pocket gopher0
Long-haired rousette0
Central rock rat0
Persian jird0
Indian palm squirrel0
Mohave ground squirrel0
North American pika0
Libyan jird0
Eastern chipmunk0
European mole, common mole0
Ansell's mole-rat0
Eastern aquatic mole0
Short bare-tailed opossum0
Splendid climbing mouse0
Long-eared chipmunk0
Siberian chipmunk0
Arctic lemming0
Garden dormouse0
Greater spear-nosed bat0
Gambian epauletted fruit bat0
Wahlberg's epauletted fruit bat0
Acacia rat0
Greater short-nosed fruit bat0
Red-tailed chipmunk0
Robinson's mouse opossum0
Cape gerbil0
Western pocket gopher0
Malabar spiny dormouse0
Townsend's chipmunk0
Slender squirrel0
Bunny or coney rat0
Colorado chipmunk0
Smoky mouse0
Speckled marsupial mouse0
Norway lemming0
Sand-colored rat0
Greater bulldog bat0
Low's squirrel0
Collared lemming0
Thicket rat0
Heermann's kangaroo rat0
Gray mouse lemur0
Southern flying squirrel0
Great fruit-eating bat0
Australian native mouse0
Lesser short-nosed fruit bat0
Bushy-tailed jird0
Heath mouse0
Cliff chipmunk0
Hairy-tailed mole0
Cretan spiny mouse0
Agile kangaroo rat0
Long-tailed mouse0
Woodland mouse0
Lesser tree shrew0
Five-toed jerboa0
African water rat0
Pyrenean desman0
Rufous elephant shrew0
Tundra vole0
Ord's kangaroo rat0
Long-tailed tree mouse0
Brown mouse lemur0
Star-nosed mole0
Julia Creek dunnart0
Richardson's collared lemming0
Cape short-eared gerbil0
Lesser Egyptian jerboa0
South African broad-headed mouse0
Golden spiny mouse0
Cinnamon antechinus0
Mid-day jird0
Marsupial mole0
Mongolian jird0
Long-eared elephant shrew0
Mitchell's hopping mouse0
Slender gerbil0
Feather-tailed possum0
Four-striped grass mouse0
Darwin's leaf-eared mouse0
Water vole0
Mexican mouse opossum0
Pale gerbil0
Flat-headed vole0
Talazaci's long-tailed tenrec0
Common rock rat0
Vesper rat0
Cape elephant shrew0
Meadow vole0
North African elephant shrew0
Rock mouse0
Yellow-pine chipmunk0
Common weasel0
Red-nosed mouse0
Pouched mouse0
House shrew0
Field vole0
Rock dormouse0
Yellow-footed marsupial mouse0
Mountain pygmy possum0
Spiny mouse0
Greater red musk shrew0
Least chipmunk0
Pink fairy armadillo0
Short-nosed elephant shrew0
Pen-tailed tree shrew0
Pale spear-nosed bat0
Red-tailed phascogale0
Typical striped grass mouse0
Merriam's kangaroo rat0
California mouse0
Swamp antechinus0
Jamaican fruit-eating bat0
Panamanian spiny pocket mouse0
Dusky antechinus0
Prairie vole0
Guatemalan deer mouse0
Brandt's vole0
Dormouse possum0
Short-eared elephant shrew0
Fat-tailed gerbil0
Northern hopping mouse0
Greater false vampire bat0
Dobson's long-tailed tenrec0
Guinea multimammate mouse0
Woolley's pseudantechinus0
Silver mountain vole0
Greater Egyptian gerbil0
Long-tailed vole0
Fresno kangaroo rat0
Australian hopping mouse0
Cloudy short-tailed opossum0
Sundevall's jird0
European free-tailed bat0
Naked mole-rat0
Red-cheeked dunnart0
Fawn antechinus0
Fat-tailed marsupial mouse0
Korean field mouse0
Vampire bat0
Western heather vole0
Northern grasshopper mouse0
Florida mouse0
Little red kaluta0
Grey red-backed vole0
Long-tailed pygmy possum0
Lesser Egyptian gerbil0
Tullberg's rock rat0
Yellow-necked mouse0
Pencil-tailed tree mouse0
Mouse-eared bat0
Sandstone marsupial mouse0
Brown antechinus0
Common vole0
Hazel dormouse0
Eastern heather vole0
Southern bog lemming0
Japanese dormouse0
Forest dormouse0
Murine mouse opossum0
Woodland vole0
Barbary striped grass mouse0
Fat mouse0
Pinyon mouse0
Wood lemming0
Fish-eating bat0
Woodland jumping mouse0
Cactus mouse0
Monito del monte0
Woodland dormouse0
New Zealand lesser short-tailed bat0
Hoary bat0
Dzhungarian hamster0
Greater horseshoe bat0
Mediterranean pine vole0
White-footed mouse0
Lesser mouse-eared bat0
Big brown bat0
Old World wood and field mouse0
Golden mouse0
Southern grasshopper mouse0
White-lined broad-nosed bat0
Short-tailed shrew0
Striped field mouse0
Paraguayan slender mouse opossum0
Red-backed mouse0
Western jumping mouse0
Pallid bat0
House mouse0
Deer mouse0
Highland gerbil mouse0
Rio Napo mouse opossum0
Great Basin pocket mouse0
Mouse-like hamster0
European pine vole0
Little yellow-shouldered bat0
Afghan mouse-like hamster0
African spiny mouse0
Steppe lemming0
Stripe-faced dunnart0
Long-tailed pocket mouse0
Particolored bat0
Baluchistan gerbil0
San Diego pocket mouse0
Meadow jumping mouse0
Fawn-colored mouse0
Ningbing pseudantechinus0
Philippine pygmy fruit bat0
Gray-bellied dunnart0
Forest shrew0
Canyon mouse0
Lesser noctule0
Seba's short-tailed bat0
Fat-tailed dunnart0
Pond bat0
Eurasian water shrew0
Geoffroy's tailless bat0
Elliot's short-tailed shrew0
Southern water shrew0
Oldfield mouse0
Nelson's pocket mouse0
Townsend's big-eared bat0
Northern bat0
Brant's climbing mouse0
Pygmy gliding possum0
Dark kangaroo mouse0
Brazilian free-tailed bat0
Kimberly mouse0
White-toothed shrew0
Little long-tailed dunnart0
Water shrew0
Western broad-nosed bat0
Gray big-eared bat0
Western pebble-mound mouse0
California leaf-nosed bat0
Arizona pocket mouse0
Bicolored white-toothed shrew0
Western harvest mouse0
Rafinesque's big-eared bat0
Bechstein's bat0
Geoffroy's bat0
Pilbara ningaui0
Alston's brown mouse0
Ryukyu mouse0
Ooldea dunnart0
Nathusius's pipistrelle0
Cave myotis0
Pallas's long-tongued bat0
Little brown bat0
Crowned shrew0
Pygmy planigale0
Lesser hairy-footed dunnart0
Silver-haired bat0
Western barbastelle0
Evening bat0
Smaller horseshoe bat0
Honey possum0
Plains pocket mouse0
Wongai ningaui0
Gray myotis0
Eurasian shrew0
Southern free-tailed bat0
Northern birch mouse0
Arctic shrew0
Merriam's pocket mouse0
Northern pygmy mouse0
Brown big-eared bat0
Silky pocket mouse0
Natterer's bat0
Alpine shrew0
Eastern pipistrelle0
Smoky shrew0
Lesser shrew0
Trowbridge's shrew0
Little pocket mouse0
Indiana bat0
Greater sac-winged bat0
Vagrant shrew0
Western long-eared myotis0
Gray climbing mouse0
Large-eared tenrec0
Keen's myotis0
Eurasian pygmy shrew0
Long-legged myotis0
Paucident planigale0
Brandt's bat0
Fulvus roundleaf bat0
Yuma myotis0
Eastern small-footed myotis0
Ornate shrew0
Old World harvest mouse0
Kuhl's pipistrelle0
Montane shrew0
Fringed myotis0
Laxmann's shrew0
Whiskered bat0
Common pipistrelle0
Least shrew0
Lesser horseshoe bat0
Narrow-nosed planigale0
Long-tailed planigale0
Cinereus shrew0
Black myotis0
White-toothed pygmy shrew0





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