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Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Hystricognathi
Family : Octodontidae
Species : Spalacopus cyanus


The Coruro is listed as Least Concern (LR/lc), lowest risk. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category, on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Some facts about the

Adult weight : 0.098 kg (0.2156 lbs)

Maximum longevity : 11 years

Litter size : 2

Litters per year : 2

Basal metabolic rate : 1 W

Body mass : 0.126 kg (0.2772 lbs)

Temperature : 36.85 °C (98.33 °F)

Source: AnAge, licensed under CC

Facts about the coruro

For example, the octodontid cururo (Spalacopus cyanus) is a highly fossorial species that lives in groups of 6-15 individuals (including adults and young from several generations) that share a burrow system (Ebensperger 1998; Reig 1970; Torres-Mura 1990).

The acoustic properties of calls are suitable for transmission above and underground providing thus further indirect evidence that coruros are not strictly confined to underground way of life.

The difference lies in the fact that tuco-tucos have very low gene flow, so they can speciate rapidly, while coruros are genetically homogeneous.

vicenz calci, calcio cloruro, cacio coruro is the same as giocatorialmanacco calcio of alanacco calio B calcio serie brindisi calcio.

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