Order : Rodentia

  Rodentia Did you know that roughly half of all mammals (2000+) species are rodents? What is also very interesting is that rodents are the only placental order except for bats to reach Australia without human introduction... The members of the order Rodentia differ in size and shape. The African Pygmy Mouse is as small as 6 cms in length and weighs only 7 grams. The Capybara is the largest rodent and can weigh up to 45 kg (100 pounds). Rodents can be found anywhere in the world except Antarctica.

Image: Apodemus sylvaticus by Pethan October 9, 2005 The Netherlands, licensed under Attribution 2.5

Animals in the order Rodentia

Golden spiny mouse
Spiny mouse
North Chinese flying squirrel
Great jerboa
Mountain beaver
Striped field mouse
Long-tailed field mouse
European water vole
Barbary ground squirrel
Desmarest's hutia
American beaver
Eurasian beaver
Guinea pig
Desert pocket mouse
Short-tailed chinchilla
European snow vole
Bank vole
Gambian rat
Black-tailed prairie dog
Central American agouti
Azara's agouti
Black agouti
Patagonian mara
Garden dormouse
North American porcupine
Long-eared jerboa

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