Order : Carnivora

largest member: Polar bear (2,40 - 2,60m and 400 - 600 kg)
smallest member: Least Weasel (12 - 35 cm and 30 - 200g)

Did you know that, strangely enough, not all members of the order of carnivora are true carnivores...? The panda is a true herbivore, eating only bamboo leafs, and also the kinkajou, an arboreal mammal of tropical America with a long prehensile tail, primarily eats fruit. Bears and raccoons for example are omnivorous. Not all members of the order Carnivora live entirely on land, for example, sea lions and seals have aquatic lifestyles. What members of the order of Carnivora have in common is their characteristic skull shape, and their dentition including prominent canines and carnassials. Members of the order carnivora have highly developed senses of hearing, sight and smell (different ways in different species). The other senses are not as important to them as these.

Animals in the order Carnivora

Giant panda
Red panda
Arctic fox
African clawless otter
Galápagos fur seal
Antarctic fur seal
South African fur seal
Guadalupe fur seal
Northern fur seal
Golden jackal
Gray wolf
Red wolf
Simian jackal
Side-striped jackal
Black-backed jackal
Bay cat
Asiatic golden cat
Crab-eating fox
Maned wolf
Spotted hyena
Hooded seal
Falkland Island wolf
Short-eared dog

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