Animals beginning with the letter C

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Birds beginning with C

Fish beginning with C

Reptiles beginning with C

Mammals that start with C

Cabrera's hutia
Cabrera's vole
cactus mouse
Cairo spiny mouse
Calabar angwantibo
Calamian deer
California chipmunk
California ground squirrel
California kangaroo rat
California leaf-nosed bat
California mouse
California myotis
California pocket mouse
California sea lion
California vole
Callewaert's mouse
Camas pocket gopher
Cambodian striped squirrel
Cameroon climbing mouse
Cameroon scaly-tail
Cameroon soft-furred mouse
Campbell's hamster
Campbell's monkey
Canada lynx
Canary big-eared bat
Canary shrew
Candango mouse
Cansdale's swamp rat
Cantor's roundleaf bat
Canut's horseshoe bat
canyon mouse
Cape dune mole rat
Cape elephant shrew
Cape fox
Cape gerbil
Cape golden mole
Cape gray mongoose
Cape grysbok
Cape hairy bat
Cape hare
Cape horseshoe bat
Cape porcupine
Cape short-eared gerbil
Cape spiny mouse
Cape York mosaic-tailed rat
Cape York rat
capped leaf monkey
Capricorn leaf-eared mouse
caribou or reindeer
Carmen mountain shrew
Caroline flying fox
Carpentarian dunnart
Carpentarian rock rat
Carruther's mountain squirrel
Cascade golden-mantled ground squirrel
Catamarca tuco-tuco
Cauca climbing mouse
Caucasian birch mouse
Caucasian mole
Caucasian mountain ground squirrel
Caucasian pygmy shrew
Caucasian shrew
Caucasian snow vole
Caucasian squirrel
Caucasus field mouse
cave myotis
Cayenne spiny rat
Celebes crested macaque
Celebes dwarf squirrel
Celebes rat
Celebes shrew
Celebes shrew rat
Celebes wild boar
Central American agouti
Central American dwarf squirrel
Central American spider monkey
Central American squirrel monkey
Central American woolly opossum
central hare-wallaby
central Kashmir vole
central pebble-mound mouse
central rock rat
Ceram bandicoot or Ceram island long-nosed bandicoot
Ceram flying fox
Ceram rat
cerrado mouse
Ceylon spiny mouse
chaco crimson-nosed rat
Chaco grass mouse
Chaco marsh rat
Chacoan fairy armadillo
Chacoan mara
Chacoan naked-tailed armadillo
Chacoan peccary
chacoan pygmy rice rat
Chacoan tuco-tuco
Chamek spider monkey
Champion's tree mouse
Chaotung vole
Chapa pygmy dormouse
Chapin's free-tailed bat
Chapman's rice rat
charming climbing mouse
charming thicket rat
checkered elephant shrew
Cheesman's gerbil
Cheng's jird
Cherrie's pocket gopher
chestnut climbing mouse
chestnut dunnart
chestnut long-tongued bat
chestnut sac-winged bat
chestnut short-tailed bat
chestnut tree mouse
chestnut white-bellied rat
chestnut-bellied shrew
chestnut-bellied spiny rat
chestnut-striped short-tailed opossum
Chevrier's field mouse
Chiapan climbing rat
Chiapan deer mouse
Chibchan water mouse
Chihuahuan mouse
Chilean climbing mouse
Chilean guemal
Chilean myotis
Chilean rock rat
Chilean shrew opossum
Chinanteco deer mouse
Chinese bamboo rat
Chinese birch mouse
Chinese desert cat
Chinese dormouse
Chinese ferret-badger
Chinese forest musk deer
Chinese giant flying squirrel
Chinese goral
Chinese hare
Chinese jumping mouse
Chinese pangolin
Chinese pygmy dormouse
Chinese red pika
Chinese scrub vole
Chinese shrew
Chinese shrew mole
Chinese water deer
Chinese white-bellied rat
Chinese zokor
Chiriqui brown mouse
Chiriqui harvest mouse
Chiriqui olingo
Chiriqui pocket gopher
chisel-toothed kangaroo rat
Choco broad-nosed bat
chocolate wattled bat
Christy's dormouse
Cinderella shrew
cinereus shrew or masked shrew
cinnamon antechinus
cinnamon myotis
Ciscaucasian hamster
Clara's echymipera
Clarke's vole
clear-winged woolly bat
Cleber's arboreal rice rat
cliff chipmunk
climbing shrew
cloud forest grass mouse
cloud forest rice rat
clouded leopard
clymene dolphin
coarse-haired water rat
coarse-haired wombat
coast mole
coastal tomb bat
Cochabamba grass mouse
Coiban agouti
Colburn's tuco-tuco
collared mongoose
collared peccary
collared pika
collared tuco-tuco
Collie's squirrel
Colombian forest mouse
Colombian grass mouse
Colombian rice rat
Colombian spiny rat
Colombian weasel
Colorado chipmunk
Columbian ground squirrel
Columbian mouse
comb-toed jerboa
Commerson's dolphin
Commissaris's long-tongued bat
common pipistrelle
common rhebok
common thick-thumbed bat
common tree shrew
common tube-nosed fruit bat
common vole
common warthog or warthog
common yellow-toothed cavy
Comoro black flying fox
Comoro rousette
complex-toothed flying squirrel
Congo clawless otter
Congo forest mouse
Congo gerbil
Congo rope squirrel
Congo shrew
Congo shrews or Poll's shrews
Conover's tuco-tuco
Cook's mouse
Cooper's mountain squirrel
copper woolly bat
coppery ringtail possum
coppery titi
Corsac fox
cotton mouse
cotton-top tamarin
Coues's climbing mouse
Coues's rice rat
cougar, mountain lion, or puma
Cowan's shrew tenrec
Cox's roundleaf bat
Coxing's white-bellied rat
Cozumel harvest mouse
Cozumel raccoon
crab-eating fox
crab-eating mongoose
crab-eating raccoon
crab-eating rat
crabeater seal
crafty vesper mouse
Creagh's horseshoe bat
creek groove-toothed swamp rat
creeping vole
crescent nail-tailed wallaby
crescent shrew
crested agouti
crested rat
crested roundleaf bat
crested-tailed deer mouse
Crete spiny mouse
croslet horseshoe bat
Crosse's shrew
crowned guenon
crowned lemur
crowned shrew
Crump's mouse
Cuban fig-eating bat
Cuban flower bat
Cuban fruit-eating bat
Cuban solenodon
Culion tree squirrel
Curacao myotis
cursor grass mouse
cushioned gerbil
Cutch rat
Cuvier's beaked whale
Cuvier's gazelle
Cuvier's spiny rat
cyclops roundleaf bat
Cyprus spiny mouse
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