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Mammals that start with P

Pacific flying fox
Pacific jumping mouse
Pacific shrew
Pacific spiny rat
Pacific white-sided dolphin
Pagai spiny rat
painted bat
painted big-eared mouse
painted bristly mouse
painted spiny pocket mouse
painted tree rat
painted tree shrew
Palawan flying squirrel
Palawan fruit bat
Palawan montane squirrel
Palawan pencil-tailed tree mouse
Palawan shrew
Palawan soft-furred mountain rat
Palawan spiny rat
Palawan stink badger
Palawan tree shrew
pale field rat
pale fox
pale gerbil
pale giant squirrel
pale gray shrew
pale kangaroo mouse
pale leaf-eared mouse
pale spear-nosed bat
pale-bellied woolly mouse opossum
pale-faced bat
pale-throated three-toed sloth
Palestine mole rat
Pallas's cat
Pallas's long-tongued bat
Pallas's mastiff bat
Pallas's pika
Pallas's squirrel
Pallas's tube-nosed fruit bat
pallid Atlantic forest rat
pallid Atlantic tree rat
pallid bat
pallid fat-tailed opossum
pallid hairy dwarf porcupine
pallid large-footed myotis
pallid needle-clawed galago
pallid pygmy jerboa
palm rat
Palmer's chipmunk
Pamir shrew
pampas cat
Pampas deer
pampas fox
Panamanian climbing rat
Panamanian spiny pocket mouse
Panamint chipmunk
Panamint kangaroo rat
Panay golden-capped fruit bat
Panniet naked-backed fruit bat
Pantellerian shrew
panther genet
pantropical spotted dolphin
papillose woolly bat
Papuan bandicoot
papuan forest wallaby
Para spiny rat
paradox shrew
Paraguay hairy dwarf porcupine
Paraguayan rice rat
paramo hocicudo
Paramo oldfield mouse
Paramushir shrew
Parma wallaby
Parnell's mustached bat
particolored bat
particolored flying squirrel
Pasha shrew
Patagonian chinchilla mouse
Patagonian mara
Patagonian opossum
Patagonian weasel
patas monkey
Patrizi's trident leaf-nosed bat
paucident planigale
Peale's dolphin
Peale's free-tailed bat
Pearson's chaco mouse
Pearson's long-clawed shrew
Pearson's tuco-tuco
Pegu pipistrelle
Peking myotis
Pel's pouched bat
Pel's scaly-tailed squirrel
Peleng rat
Pemba flying fox
Pemberton's deer mouse
pen-tailed tree shrew
pencil-tailed tree mouse
peninsular myotis
Pennant's red colobus
Percival's spiny mouse
Percival's trident bat
Pere David's deer
Père David's macaque
Père David's rock squirrel
Pere David's vole
Perny's long-nosed squirrel
Perote ground squirrel
Perote mouse
Persian field mouse
Persian jird
Persian mole
Persian trident bat
Persian vole
Peruvian bamboo rat
Peruvian fish-eating rat
Peruvian guemal
Peruvian oldfield mouse
Peruvian rice rat
Peruvian tree rat
Peruvian tuco-tuco
Peruvian vesper mouse
Peter's disk-winged bat
Peter's mouse
Peter's striped mouse
Peters's climbing rat
Peters's duiker
Peters's dwarf epauletted fruit bat
Peters's musk shrew
Peters's sheath-tailed bat
Peters's squirrel
Peters's tube-nosed bat
Peters's wrinkle-lipped bat
Peterson's chinchilla mouse
Peterson's free-tailed bat
Petter's gerbil
Phayre's squirrel
Philippine brown deer
Philippine flying lemur
Philippine forest horseshoe bat
Philippine forest rat
Philippine forest roundleaf bat
Philippine gray flying fox
Philippine pygmy fruit bat
Philippine pygmy roundleaf bat
Philippine pygmy squirrel
Philippine tailless leaf-nosed bat
Philippine tarsier
Philippine tree squirrel
Philippine tube-nosed fruit bat
Philippine warty pig
Phillip's gerbil
Phillips's kangaroo rat
Phillips's mouse
piebald shrew or Turkestan desert shrew
pig-footed bandicoot
pigtail macaque
Pilbara ningaui
pileated gibbon
Pilliga mouse
pink fairy armadillo
pinyon mouse
pitch shrew
Pitman's shrew
Pittier's crab-eating rat
Piute ground squirrel
plain brush-tailed rat
plains harvest mouse
plains mouse
plains pocket gopher
plains pocket mouse
plains viscacha
plains viscacha rat
plantain squirrel
plateau mouse
plateau vole
pleasant bolo mouse
pleasant gerbil
pocketed free-tailed bat
Podolsk mole rat
Pohle's fruit bat
polar bear
Polynesian rat
Polynesian sheath-tailed bat
Pomona roundleaf bat
Poncelet's naked-tailed rat
pond bat
Portenko's shrew
Porteous's tuco-tuco
pouched gerbil
pouched mouse
Pousargues's mongoose
prairie shrew
prairie vole
Pratt's roundleaf bat
Pratt's vole
Preble's shrew
prehensile-tailed hutia
Preuss's monkey
Prevost's squirrel
Pribilof island shrew
principal gerbil
proboscis bat
proboscis monkey
Proserpine rock wallaby
Przewalski's gazelle
Przewalski's gerbil
Przewalski's steppe lemming
puebla deer mouse
Puerto Rican hutia
puna mouse
Puno grass mouse
purple-faced leaf monkey
pygmy beaked whale
pygmy brocket
pygmy fruit bat
pygmy fruit-eating bat
pygmy gerbil
pygmy hippopotamus
pygmy hog
pygmy killer whale
pygmy long-eared bat
pygmy mouse
pygmy planigale
pygmy rabbit
pygmy right whale
pygmy rock mouse
pygmy rock wallaby
pygmy scaly-tailed flying squirrel
pygmy short-tailed opossum
pygmy shrew
pygmy shrew tenrec
pygmy slow loris
pygmy sperm whale
pygmy spotted skunk
pygmy tarsier
pygmy tree shrew
Pyrenean chamois
Pyrenean desman
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