Animals beginning with the letter W

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Birds beginning with W

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Reptiles beginning with W

Mammals that start with W

Wagner's bonneted bat
Wagner's gerbil
Wagner's mustached bat
Wahlberg's epauletted fruit bat
Walia ibex
Ward's field mouse
Ward's short-tailed shrew
Warren's spiny rat
Washington ground squirrel
water buffalo
water chevrotain
water opossum or yapok
water shrew
water vole
Waterhouse's leaf-nosed bat
Waters's gerbil
Watson's climbing rat
Watts's spiny rat
weasel sportive lemur
web-footed marsh rat
Webb's tufted-tailed rat
Weber's dwarf squirrel
Weddell seal
weeping capuchin
Weid's black-tufted-ear marmoset
Welwitch's bat
West African shaggy rat
West Caucasian tur
West Indian manatee
West Indian monk seal
western barbastelle
western barred bandicoot
western bent-winged bat
western bonneted bat
western broad-nosed bat
western brush wallaby
western chestnut mouse
western Cuban nesophontes
western dwarf squirrel
western European hedgehog
western gerbil
western gray kangaroo
western gray squirrel
western harvest mouse
western heather vole
western hog-nosed skunk
western jumping mouse
western long-eared myotis
western long-tongued bat
western mouse
western naked-backed fruit bat
western nectar bat
western needle-clawed galago
western palm squirrel
western pebble-mound mouse
western pipistrelle
western pocket gopher
western pygmy possum
western quoll
western red colobus
western red-backed vole
western rock elephant shrew
western roe deer
western shrew mouse
western small-toothed rat
western tarsier
western tree hyrax
western vlei rat
western water rat
western white-eared giant rat
western woolly opossum
Wetzel's climbing mouse
Weyns's duiker
whiptail wallaby
whiskered bat
whiskered flying squirrel
whiskered myotis
Whitaker's shrew
white bat
white rhinoceros
white-ankled mouse
white-beaked dolphin
white-bellied big-eared bat
white-bellied duiker
white-bellied free-tailed bat
white-bellied grass mouse
white-bellied Luzon tree rat
white-bellied mosaic-tailed rat
white-bellied rat
white-bellied slender mouse opossum
white-bellied spider monkey
white-bellied yellow bat
white-collared fruit bat
white-eared cotton rat
white-eared marmoset
white-eared opossum
white-eared pocket mouse
white-faced capuchin
white-faced tree rat
white-footed climbing mouse
white-footed dunnart
white-footed mouse
white-footed rabbit rat
white-footed sportive lemur
white-footed vole
white-fronted capuchin
white-fronted leaf monkey
white-handed gibbon
white-lined broad-nosed bat
white-lipped peccary
white-nosed bearded saki
white-nosed coati
white-nosed guenon
white-sided jackrabbit
white-spined spiny rat
white-striped dorcopsis
white-striped free-tailed bat
white-tailed antelope squirrel
white-tailed deer
white-tailed dunnart
white-tailed jackrabbit
white-tailed mole
white-tailed mongoose
white-tailed mountain vole
white-tailed mouse
white-tailed olalla rat
white-tailed prairie dog
white-tailed rat
white-throated tree kangaroo
white-throated woodrat
white-tipped tufted-tailed rat
white-toothed brush mouse
white-toothed pygmy shrew
white-toothed shrew
white-toothed tuco-tuco
white-tufted-ear marmoset
white-whiskered spider monkey
white-winged dog-like bat
white-winged flying fox
white-winged vampire bat
Whitehead's spiny rat
Whitehead's woolly bat
whitish dwarf squirrel
wild boar
wild cat
Wilson's spiny mouse
Wimmer's shrew
Winkelmann's mouse
Woermann's bat
Wolffsohn's leaf-eared mouse
Wolffsohn's viscacha
Wollaston's roundleaf bat
Wongai ningaui
wood lemming
wood sprite gracile mouse opossum
Wood's slit-faced bat
Woodford's fruit bat
woodland dormouse
woodland jumping mouse
woodland oldfield mouse
woodland thicket rat
woodland vole
woodlark cuscus
Woolley's pseudantechinus
woolly dormouse
woolly flying squirrel
woolly giant rat
woolly grass mouse
woolly hare
woolly horseshoe bat
woolly-headed spiny tree rat
Woosnam's broad-headed mouse
Woosnam's brush-furred rat
Wrangel lemming
wrinkle-faced bat
wrinkle-lipped free-tailed bat
Wroughton's free-tailed bat
Wyoming ground squirrel
Wyoming pocket gopher
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