Animals beginning with the letter F

Amphibians beginning with F

Birds beginning with F

Fish beginning with F

Reptiles beginning with F

Mammals that start with F

Falkland Island wolf
fallow deer
false canyon mouse
false killer whale
false serotine bat
false water rat
false zokor
far eastern myotis
fat mouse
fat sand rat
fat-nosed spiny rat
fat-tailed dunnart
fat-tailed dwarf lemur
fat-tailed gerbil
fat-tailed pseudantechinus
Father Basilio's striped mouse
fawn antechinus
fawn hopping mouse
fawn roundleaf bat
fawn-colored mouse
fawn-footed mosaic-tailed rat
Fea's muntjac
Fea's tree rat
feathertail glider
feathertail possum
Felou gundi
Felten's vole
Fernandez's sword-nosed bat
Fernandina Galapagos mouse
field vole
fierce roundleaf bat
fiery spiny mouse
fiery squirrel
Fijian monkey-faced bat
fin whale
Findley's myotis
Finlayson's squirrel
finless porpoise
fire-bellied brush-furred rat
fire-footed rope squirrel
Fischer's little fruit bat
Fischer's shrew
fish-eating bat
fishing cat
five-toed pygmy jerboa
flat-faced fruit-eating bat
flat-haired mouse
flat-headed cat
flat-headed myotis
flat-headed shrew
flat-headed vole
flat-headed water shrew
flat-skulled shrew
Flores cave rat
Flores giant tree rat
Flores long-nosed rat
Flores shrew
Flores tube-nosed bat
Flores woolly bat
Florida mouse
Florida naked-tailed rat
Flower's gerbil
Flower's shrew
flower-faced bat
fly river roundleaf bat
fly river trumpet-eared bat
fly river water rat
fog shrew
foothill arboreal rice rat
forest dormouse
forest giant squirrel
forest grass mouse
forest horseshoe bat
forest muskshrew
forest oldfield mouse
forest shrew
forest small rice rat
forest soft-furred mouse
forest thicket rat
forest tube-nosed bat
forest tuco-tuco
fork-marked lemur
Formosan lesser horseshoe bat
Forrest's mouse
Forrest's pika
Forrest's rock squirrel
fossorial giant rat
four-horned antelope
four-striped grass mouse
four-striped ground squirrel
four-toed elephant shrew
four-toed hedgehog
four-toed jerboa
Fox's shaggy rat
Fox's shrew
François's leaf monkey
Franklin's ground squirrel
Franquet's epauletted bat
Fraser's dolphin
Fraser's musk shrew
fraternal fruit-eating bat
fraternal hill rat
fraternal myotis
fraternal squirrel
Fresno kangaroo rat
friendly leaf-eared mouse
fringe-lipped bat
fringe-tailed gerbil
fringed fruit-eating bat
fringed myotis
frosted myotis
frosted sac-winged bat
fulvous harvest mouse
fulvous pygmy rice rat
fulvous-bellied climbing rat
fulvus roundleaf bat
furtive tuco-tuco
fuscous shrew
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