Animals beginning with the letter B

Amphibians beginning with B

Birds beginning with B

Fish beginning with B

Reptiles beginning with B

Mammals that start with B

Babault's mouse shrew
Bactrian camel
Baer's wood mouse
Bagobo rat
Bahaman funnel-eared bat
Bahaman raccoon
Bahamian hutia
Bahia hairy dwarf porcupine
Bailey's pocket mouse
Bailey's shrew
Baird's beaked whale
Baird's shrew
Baird's tapir
Baja California rock squirrel
bale shrew
Balikun jerboa
Baluchi mouse-like hamster
Baluchistan gerbil
Baluchistan pygmy jerboa
Baluchistan vole
bamboo lemur
banana bat
banana climbing mouse
banded hare-wallaby
banded leaf monkey
banded linsang
banded mongoose
banded palm civet
Bangs's mountain squirrel
bank vole
Banks flying fox
banner-tailed kangaroo rat
Baoule's mouse
Barbados raccoon
Barbary ground squirrel
Barbary macaque
Barbary striped grass mouse
Barbour's rock mouse
bare-backed rousette
bare-bellied hedgehog
bare-eared squirrel monkey
bare-tailed woolly opossum
Barfur gerbil
barren ground shrew
Bartel's flying squirrel
Bartels's rat
Bartels's spiny rat
bastard big-footed mouse
bat-eared fox
Bate's slit-faced bat
Bates's shrew
Bavarian pine vole
Bawean deer
bay cat
bay duiker
beach vole
beaded wood mouse
beady-eyed mouse
bear cuscus
bearded pig
bearded seal
Beaufort's naked-backed fruit bat
Beccari's margareta rat
Beccari's mastiff bat
Beccari's sheath-tailed bat
Beccari's shrew
Bechstein's bat
Beddard's olingo
beech marten
Belding's ground squirrel
bell groove-toothed swamp rat
Bellier's striped grass mouse
Bengal fox
Bengal mongoose
Benito roundleaf bat
Bennett's tree kangaroo
Berbera gerbil
Bering collared lemming
Betsileo short-tailed rat
Bhutan giant flying squirrel
Biafran palm squirrel
Biak naked-backed fruit bat
Biak roundleaf bat
bicolor-spined porcupine
bicolored arboreal rice rat
bicolored roundleaf bat
bicolored shrew
bidentate yellow-eared bat
bidentate yellow-shouldered bat
big bonneted bat
big brown bat
big crested mastiff bat
big deer mouse
big free-tailed bat
big naked-backed bat
big pocket gopher
big red bat
big small-eared shrew
big-eared brown bat
big-eared climbing rat
big-eared flying fox
big-eared hopping mouse
big-eared horseshoe bat
big-eared mastiff bat
big-eared opossum
big-eared roundleaf bat
big-eared swamp rat
big-eared woolly bat
big-footed myotis
big-headed mole rat
big-headed rice rat
bighorn sheep
bilby or greater bilby
Bini free-tailed bat
birdlike noctule
Bishop's fossorial spiny rat
Bismarck giant rat
Bismarck's trumpet-eared bat
biting chinchilla mouse
black agouti
black and red bush squirrel
black and rufous elephant shrew
black bonneted bat
black colobus
black dolphin
black dorcopsis
black duiker
black flying fox
black flying squirrel
black four-eyed opossum
black giant squirrel
black howler monkey
black jackrabbit
black lemur
black mastiff bat
black muntjac
black myotis
black rhinoceros
Black Sea field mouse
black shrew
black slender mongoose
black spider monkey
black squirrel monkey
black uakari
black wallaroo
black white-toothed shrew
black wildebeest or white-tailed gnu
black-backed jackal
black-bearded flying fox
black-bearded tomb bat
black-bellied fruit bat
black-bellied hamster
black-capped fruit bat
black-capped marmot
black-cheeked white-nosed monkey
black-chested mustached tamarin
black-clawed brush-furred rat
black-eared flying fox
black-eared mouse
black-eared rice rat
black-eared squirrel
black-faced lion tamarin
black-footed cat
black-footed ferret
black-footed mongoose
black-footed pygmy rice rat
black-footed rock wallaby
black-footed shrew
black-footed tree rat
black-fronted duiker
black-headed night monkey
black-lipped pika
black-mantled tamarin
black-pencilled marmoset
black-rumped agouti
black-shouldered opossum
black-spined Atlantic tree rat
black-spotted cuscus
black-striped squirrel
black-striped wallaby
black-striped weasel
black-tailed antechinus
black-tailed gerbil
black-tailed hutia
black-tailed jackrabbit
black-tailed mosaic-tailed rat
black-tailed mouse
black-tailed prairie dog
black-tailed tree rat
black-tufted gerbil
black-winged little yellow bat
blackish deer mouse
blackish grass mouse
blackish shrew opossum
blackish small-eared shrew
Blainville's beaked whale
Blandford's fox
Blanford's bat
Blanford's fruit bat
Blanford's jerboa
Blanford's rat
Blasius's horseshoe bat
blazed Luzon shrew rat
blesbok or bontebok
Blick's grass rat
blue buck
blue duiker
blue monkey
blue whale
blue wildebeest
blue-gray mouse
blunt-eared bat
Blyth's horseshoe bat
Blyth's vole
Bobak marmot
Bobrinski's jerboa
Bobrinski's serotine
Bocage's mole rat
Bocage's rock rat
Boehm's bush squirrel
Boehm's gerbil
Bogota grass mouse
Bogota yellow-shouldered bat
Bohar reedbuck
Bokermann's nectar bat
Bolam's mouse
Bolaņos woodrat
Bolivar rice rat
Bolivian bamboo rat
Bolivian big-eared mouse
Bolivian chinchilla rat
Bolivian grass mouse
Bolivian red howler monkey
Bolivian spiny rat
Bolivian squirrel
Bolivian squirrel monkey
Bolivian titi
Bolivian tuco-tuco
Bolivian vesper mouse
Bonda mastiff bat
Bonetto's tuco-tuco
Bonin flying fox
bonnet macaque
bonobo or pygmy chimpanzee
Bonthain rat
booted macaque
booted titi
Boquete rice rat
Bornean horseshoe bat
Bornean mountain ground squirrel
Bornean smooth-tailed tree shrew
Bornean yellow muntjac
Borneo black-banded squirrel
Borneo gibbon
Borneo roundleaf bat
Botswanan long-eared bat
Botta's gerbil
Botta's pocket gopher
Botta's serotine
Bottego's shrew
bottlenosed dolphin
Bougainville monkey-faced bat
Bougainville mosaic-tailed rat
Bougainville naked-tailed rat
Bourret's horseshoe bat
Bower's white-toothed rat
Boyaca spiny rat
Brahma white-bellied rat
Bramble Cay mosaic-tailed rat
Brandt's bat
Brandt's hamster
Brandt's hedgehog
Brandt's vole
Brant's climbing mouse
Brants's whistling rat
Brazilian agouti
Brazilian arboreal mouse
Brazilian arboreal rice rat
Brazilian bare-faced tamarin
Brazilian big-eyed bat
Brazilian brown bat
Brazilian false rice rat
Brazilian free-tailed bat
Brazilian gracile mouse opossum
Brazilian guinea pig
Brazilian porcupine
Brazilian pygmy rice rat
Brazilian shrew mouse
Brazilian spiny tree rat
Brazilian tapir or South American tapir
Brazilian three-banded armadillo
Brazilian tuco-tuco
Bridges's degu
bridled nail-tailed wallaby
bristle-spined rat
bristly mouse
broad-eared bat
broad-eared horseshoe bat
broad-faced potoroo
broad-footed climbing mouse
broad-footed mole
broad-headed spiny rat
broad-headed tree mouse
broad-striped dasyure
broad-striped mongoose
broad-striped tube-nosed fruit bat
broad-toothed field mouse
broad-toothed mouse
broad-toothed tailless bat
Brock's yellow-eared bat
Brockman's gerbil
bronze quoll
bronze tube-nosed bat
Brooke's squirrel
broom hare
brown antechinus
brown bear
brown big-eared bat
brown cane mouse
brown capuchin
brown deer mouse
brown desert mouse
brown dorcopsis
brown four-eyed opossum
brown fruit-eating bat
brown hairy dwarf porcupine
brown lemming
brown lemur
brown mastiff bat
brown mouse lemur
brown rat
brown tent-making bat
brown titi
brown tube-nosed bat
Brown's hutia
brown-bearded saki
brown-tailed mongoose
brown-throated three-toed sloth
Brukkaros pygmy rock mouse
brush mouse
brush rabbit
brush-tailed bettong
brush-tailed phascogale
brush-tailed rabbit rat
brush-tailed rock wallaby
Bryant's woodrat
Bryde's whale
Bucharian vole
Budin's grass mouse
Buenos Aires leaf-eared mouse
Buettikofer's epauletted bat
Buettikofer's shrew
buff-bellied climbing mouse
buffoon striped grass mouse
buffy broad-nosed bat
buffy flower bat
buffy saki
buffy-headed marmoset
Bukovin mole rat
bulldog rat
Buller's chipmunk
Buller's pocket gopher
Bulmer's fruit bat
bumblee bat or hog-nosed bat
bunchgrass leaf-eared mouse
Bunker's woodrat
Bunn's short-tailed bandicoot rat
bunny rat
Bunting's thicket rat
Bunyoro rabbit
Burchell's zebra
Burmeister's porpoise
Burmese ferret-badger
Burmese hare
Burmese whiskered bat
burrowing bettong
Burt's deer mouse
Burton's gerbil
bush dog
bush duiker
bush vlei rat
bushveld elephant shrew
bushveld gerbil
bushveld horseshoe bat
bushy-tailed hairy-footed gerbil
bushy-tailed jird
bushy-tailed mongoose
bushy-tailed opossum
bushy-tailed woodrat
Busuanga squirrel
Butiaba naked-tailed shrew
Buxton's jird
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