Reptiles beginning with B

Bailey's Snake - The existence of Bailey's snake was first announced in the scientific literature in 1907 by Frank Wall.
Baird's rat snake - Adults can reach 25 to 55 inches in length.
Baja Black-collared Lizard - The Baja California collared lizard is uncommon.
Baja california rat snake - It is a large{59in}, slender colubrid snake with a long head, large eyes, and smooth scales, the latter of which each contain two apical pits .
Baja California Rock Lizard - The Baja Blue Rock Lizard is a lizard with transverse stripes and up to 45 cm long.
Baker's Spinytail Iguana - Ctenosaura bakeri, also known as the Utila iguana, Baker's spinytail iguana, Swamper or Wishiwilly del Suampo, is a critically endangered species of spinytail iguana endemic to the island of Utila, one of the Islas de la Bahía off the coast of Honduras.
Balkan Emerald Lizard - The Balkan Green Lizard is a species of lizard in the Lacertidae family.
Balkan Racer - The Balkan Whip Snake is a species of snake in the Colubridae family.
Banded Lizard-fingered Gecko - Its natural habitats are temperate forests, Mediterranean-type shrubby vegetation, rocky areas, arable land, and pastureland.
Banded rock lizard - These lizards are associated with boulder hillsides.
Banded Skink - The Bridled Mabuya or Bridled Skink is a species of skinks found in North Africa and Middle East.
Banded Water Snake - The Banded Water Snake or Southern Water Snake is a species of mostly aquatic, non-venomous, colubrid snake found in the central and southeastern United States, from Indiana, south to Texas and east to Florida.
Barbour's Chameleon - In captivity, eggs of F.
Barbour's map turtle - Barbour's Map Turtles are outlawed from ownership in Georgia, Michigan, and Alabama.
Barbour's Montane Pit Viper - Adults generally grow to 30-40 cm in length, with a maximum of 51.
Basilisk Rattlesnake - This is one of the largest rattlesnake species.
Beaded Lizard - Threatened throughout its range by overcollection and habitat loss, it is a CITES protected animal.
Beal's eyed turtle - It is found in China and Hong Kong.
Berlandier's Tortoi - The Texas Tortoise , is one of four species of tortoise that are native to North America.
Big Bend Slider - The Big Bend Slider is a species of aquatic turtle native to the United States in the states of New Mexico and Texas, and northern Mexico in the state of Chihuahua.
Big-headed Pantanal Swamp Turtle - The Big-headed Pantanal Swamp Turtle or Pantanal Swamp Turtle is a species of turtle in the Chelidae family.
Bighead Turtle - It is found in China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.
Bighead-european Grass Snake - The Large-headed Water Snake is a species of snake in the Colubridae family.
Black caiman - The black caiman has a bony ridge over red eyes, and black, scaly skin.
Black Sea Viper - Probably does not grow to more than 60 cm in length.
Black wood turtle - The Black River Turtle, Black Terrapin, or Black Wood Turtle is a species of turtle in the Bataguridae family.
Black-striped Snake - The Black-striped Snake is a species of snake in the Elapidae family.
Blackneck Garter Snake - The Blackneck Garter snake or Thamnophis cyrtopsis is a species of Garter snakes.
Blanding's turtle - The Blanding's Turtle is a medium-sized turtle with an average shell length of approximately 18 to 23 cm with a maximum of 25.
Blank's Psammodromus - The Blanc's Sand Racer is a species of lizard in the Lacertidae family.
Blanus mettetali - Its natural habitats are temperate forests, temperate shrubland, Mediterranean-type shrubby vegetation, arable land, and pastureland.
Blanus tingitanus - Blanus tingitanus is a species of reptile in the Amphisbaenidae family.
Blue Mountains Tree Skink - The Blue Mountain Water Skink is a species of skink in the Scincidae family.
Blue spiny lizard - There are four recognized subspecies of S.
Blue-throated Keeled Lizard - The maximum length is 25 cm which makes it quite a lot bigger then any of the other Algyroides species.
Blunt-nosed leopard lizard - The blunt-nosed leopard lizard is a relatively large lizard of the Crotaphytidae family.
Bocourt's Eyelid Skink - This species was considered as extinct until December 2003 when a specimen was found by some specialists from the French Natural History Museum .
Boettger's Wall Gecko - The Boettger's Wall Gecko or Gran Canaria Gecko is a species of lizard in the Gekkonidae family.
Bog turtle - The bog turtle was first discovered and scientifically identified in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania during the 1700s by Gotthilf Heinrich Ernst Muhlenberg, a self-taught colonial botanist and clergyman.
Bogert's Arborea lAlligator Lizard - A single specimen was collected in 1954, and A.
Boison Tortoise - The Bolson tortoise was discovered only in 1959.
Bottae - Rubber Boas are one of the smaller boa species, adults can be anywhere from 15 to 33 inches long; and newborns are typically 7.
Brazilian radiolated swamp turtle - Easy to take care of.
Brazilian Slider - The Carvalho's Slider is a species of turtle in the Emydidae family.
Brazos Water Snake - The Brazos Water Snake or Harter's Water Snake is a species of mostly aquatic, non-venomous, colubrid snake native to the United States, only in north-central Texas along the Brazos River system.
Breyer's Whip Lizard - The Breyer's Long-tailed Seps is a species of lizard in the Cordylidae family.
Broad-snouted caiman - The broad-snouted caiman is a crocodilian reptile found in eastern and central South America, including southeastern Brazil, northern Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia.
Broadhead Snake - The broad-headed snake is a medium sized species of venomous snake.
Bromeliad Arboreal Alligator Lizard - Abronia taeniata is a vulnerable species of arboreal alligator lizard described in 1828 by Wiegmann.
Brothers Island tuatara - Tuatara are greenish brown, and measure up to 80 cm from head to tail-tip with a spiny crest along the back, especially pronounced in males.
Brown Tortoise - The largest tortoise in mainland Asia; large adult of the northern subspecies, M.
Brown Tree Iguana - Liolaemus fuscus is a species of lizard in the Iguanidae family.
Brown water snake - The Lycodonomorphus rufulus is sometimes also called the Brown Water Snake, but the L.
Brown wood turtle - The Brown Land Turtle, Brown Wood Turtle, or Furrowed Land Terrapin is a species of turtle in the Bataguridae family.
Brown-flecked Lerista - The Mount Cooper Striped Lerista is a species of skink in the Scincidae family.
Brush Lizard - Urosaurus graciosus is distinguishable from its close relative the Tree Lizard, Urosaurus ornatus, by the presence of a tail more than two times its snout-vent length and the absence of a series of smaller scales running down the middle of the band of enlarged dorsal scales.
Burmese eyed turtle - The Bengal Eyed Terrapin, Burmese Eyed Turtle, Peacock Turtle, or Swamp Turtle is a species of turtle in the Bataguridae family.
Burmese Peacock Softshell - The Burmese Peacock Softshell is a species of softshell turtle in the Trionychidae family.
Burmese star tortoise - This tortoise can easily be distinguished from the more common Indian Star Tortoise by comparing the plastrons of the two species.
Butler's garter snake - It is a medium sized , slender snake with three yellow to orange stripes along the length of the body.