Reptiles beginning with N

Nactus coindemirensis - Nactus coindemirensis is a species of lizard in the Gekkonidae family.
Narrowbridged Mud Turtle - The Central American Mud Turtle, also known as the Narrow-Bridged Mud Turtle , is a species of mud turtle in the Kinosternidae family.
Narrowbridged Musk Turtle - The Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle is a species of musk turtle found in Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize.
Narrowhead Softshell - Type locality: "India, fl.
Narrowhead Water Snake - Thamnophis rufipunctatus is a threatened species of garter snake that is commonly found in Arizona by river banks or streams.
Natal Hingeback Tortoise - The Natal Hinge-back Tortoise, Natal Hinge-backed Tortoise, or Natal Hinged Tortoise is a species of turtle in the Testudinidae family.
Natal Midlands Dwarf Chameleon - The Natal Midlands Dwarf Chameleon , also known under the longer common name of KwaZulu-Natal Midlands Dwarf Chameleon, is a chameleon native to woodland habitat in the Midlands area of the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal.
Natural Tree Gecko - The New Zealand Rough Gecko, Naultinus rudis, is a species of gecko in the Gekkonidae family.
Navassa Curlytail Lizard - The size of the holotype is given with 64 mm.
New Guinea crocodile - Crocodylus novaeguineae grows to a length of up to 3.
New GuineaSnapping Turtle - New Guinea Snapping Turtle
Night Snake - 12-26 in.
Nile crocodile - In antiquity, Nile crocodiles occurred in the Nile delta and the Zarqa River, and they are recorded by Herodotus to have inhabited Lake Moeris.
Northern alligator lizard - This lizard was formerly known under the scientific name of Gerrhonotus coeruleus , but is nowadays classed as Elgaria coerulea.
Northern bahamian rock iguana - The Northern Bahamian Rock Iguana's generic name Cyclura and specific name Cychlura are derived from the Ancient Greek cyclos  meaning "circular" and ourá  meaning "tail", after the thick-ringed tail characteristic of all Cyclura.
Northern Chiapas Arboreal Alligator Lizard - Abronia ochoterenai is an arboreal alligator lizard described in 1939 by Martin del Campo.
Northern Chuckwalla - The common name "chuckwalla" is derived from the Shoshone word "tcaxxwal" or "caxwal," the form used by the Cahuilla of southeastern California.
Northern Desert Iguana - The species was first described in the Catalog of North American Reptiles, by Spencer Fullerton Baird and Charles Frédéric Girard) in 1853 as Crotaphytus dorsalis it was reclassified two years later as Dipsosaurus dorsalis by Edward Hallowell.
Northern water snake - Natrix sipedon
Nu - Liolaemus curis, known as the Nuñez Tree Iguana, is a species of lizard in the Iguanidae family.
Nubian Soft-shelled Turtle - The Nubian Flapshell Turtle is a species of softshell turtle in the Trionychidae family.
Nutaphand's Narrowhead Softshell - The Striped Narrow-Headed Softshell Turtle is a species of softshell turtle in the Trionychidae family.