Reptiles beginning with G

G - The Günther's Dwarf Burrowing Skink is a species of skink in the family Scincidae.
Galapagos Land Iguana - The Galapagos Land Iguana varies in morphology and coloration among different island populations.
Gallot's Lizard - Gallotia galloti is a lacertid species of the genus Gallotia.
Gallotia auaritae - Its decline started 2000 years ago with the arrival of humans on La Palma consumption by people, and habitat destruction for agriculture.
Gallotia caesaris - There are two subspecies:
Gallotia intermedia - It was discovered in 1996 by biologist Efraín Hernández in the Macizo de Teno in the extreme northwest of Tenerife .
Gallotia stehlini - Its natural habitats are temperate shrubland, Mediterranean-type shrubby vegetation, rocky areas, rocky shores, and pastureland.
Gavial - The fossil history of the Gavialoidea is quite well known, with the earliest examples diverging from the other crocodilians in the late Cretaceous.
Geometric turtle - They are sadly dying.
Giant garter snake - The Giant Garter Snake is endemic to the Central Valley wetlands of California.
Giant girdled lizard - Sungazers are protected by spiny dorsal scales and large spines run along the back of the head.
Gila monster - There are two subspecies of Gila monster: the reticulate Gila monster and the banded Gila monster .
Glossy Crayfish Snake - Regina rigida is a species of snakes residing primarily in the southeastern United States.
Golden Sticky-toed Gecko - The gold-striped gecko, Hoplodactylus chrysosireticus, is a species of gecko in the Gekkonidae family.
Gomero Wall Gecko - Its natural habitats are temperate shrubland, Mediterranean-type shrubby vegetation, rocky areas, rocky shores, pastureland, plantations , rural gardens, and urban areas.
Gopher Snake - Adults specimens are 36-84 inches in length.
Graceful Ground Skink - The narrow-bodied skink, Oligosoma gracilicorpus, is a species of skink in the family Scincidae.
Granite night lizard - Granite night lizards most often occurs on rocky slopes with large, exfoliating boulders and abundant crevices, but are occasionally found in coastal sage scrub and chaparral without boulders.
Granite spiny lizard - The Granite spiny lizard is a colorful species that can be observed perched atop boulders from considerable distance.
Graphic Spiny Lizard - The Mesquite Lizard is a species of lizard native to the southern United States in the state of Texas, and Mexico in the states of Chihuahua, Durango, Zacatecas, Coahuila, San Luis Potosí, Nuevo León, Tamaulipas, Oaxaca and Guerrero.
Grass Snake - The name "Natrix" is probably derived from the Latin "nare" "to swim" and is reflected in Old Irish "nathir" and the Welsh "neidr".
Gravenhorst's Tree Iguana - Liolaemus gravenhorstii is a species of lizard in the Iguanidae family.
Gray-banded King Snake - Grey-banded kingsnakes are moderately sized snakes, rarely exceeding 46 inches, but specimens up to 57 inches have been recorded.
Gray’s Monitor Lizard - Gray's monitor is a large monitor lizard known only from lowland dipterocarp forest in the east of Luzon and a few smaller adjacent islands in the Philippines such as Polillo Island, where it is locally known as the Butaan.
Great Desert Skink - The great desert skink is a large lizard that grows up to 40 cm long and weigh up to 350 grams.
Greater Earless Lizard - Greater earless lizards grow from 3-7 inches in length.
Greater short-horned lizards - The mountain short-horned lizard, also called Hernandez's short-horned lizard or the greater short-horned lizard, is a diurnal species of phrynosomatid lizard.
Greek Keeled Lizard - Its natural habitats are temperate forests, temperate shrubland, and plantations .
Greek Snake Skink - The Limbless Skink is a species of skink in the Scincidae family.
Green anole - The Carolina anole is an arboreal lizard found primarily in the southeastern parts of the United States and some Caribbean islands.
Green Water Snake - Florida Green Water Snake - N.
Ground skink - This is one of the smallest reptiles in North America, with a length of 3 - 5.
Ground snake - The Common Ground Snake is a species of small, harmless colubrid snake native to the southwestern United States, in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Utah and California, as well as northern Mexico, in Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, and Durango.
Guadeloupe Ameiva - Ameiva cineracea was a species of lizard in the Teiidae family.
Guatemala Palm Pit Viper - Adults are usually 60-70 cm in length, but may reach 100 cm, and the body is relatively slender.
Guatemalan spiny-tailed iguana - The Guatemalan spiny-tailed iguana feeds on leaves and the fruits of the cactus Stenocereus pruinosus and occasionally insects .
Gunther's Island Gecko - The first description of the species was by Boulenger, in 1885, as Phyllodactylus guentheri.
Gyldenstolpe's Isopachys - The Gyldenstolpe's Worm Skink is a species of skink in the Scincidae family.