Reptiles beginning with Y

Yellow Gecko - Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry forests and subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests.
Yellow monitor - Teeth subcorneal, scarcely compressed, Snout short, convex, measuring a little less than the distance from the anterior border of the orbit to the anterior border of the ear; canthus rostralis distinct.
Yellow-backed Spiny Lizard - Like many desert lizards, Desert Spiny Lizards stay warm by changing their color so they are darker during cool times, which allows them to absorb more heat from the sun, and become lighter during warm times so they reflect more solar radiation .
Yellow-blotched Palm Pit Viper - Adults generally grow to less than 70 cm in length, but sometimes to over 1 m.
Yellow-headed box turtle - This turtle is endemic to the central Chinese Anhui Province .
Yellow-spotted river turtle - Podocnemis unifilis is a type of side-necked turtle, so called because they do not pull their heads directly into their shell, but rather bend the neck sideways to tuck the head under the rim of the shell.
Yellow-spotted Spiny Lizard - The Yellow-spotted Spiny Lizard is a lizard that is most commonly found in the Yucat√°n Peninsula.
Yellowblotched Map Turtle - It is endemic to the United States.
Yellowpond Turtle - It is a parent of several hybrid Asian pond turtles that were described as new species.
Yinnietharra Dragon - The Yinnietharra Rock Dragon is a species of lizard in the Agamidae family.
Yucat - Its natural habitat is tropical and subtropical dry broadleaf forestss.
Yucat - Adults are usually 35-45 cm in length, although some specimens may exceed than 55 cm.
Yunnan box turtle - In 2004, a living female appeared from the pet trade in Kunming, one year later a male from the same source and again one year later another female was found there.