Reptiles beginning with O

O'shaughnessy's Keeled Iguana - The Western Leaf Lizard is a species of lizard in the Tropiduridae family within the genus Stenocercus.
Oaxacan Dwarf Boa - Fossorial and shiny black in color.
Oaxacan spiny-tailed iguana - Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical dry forests.
Ocellated Day Gecko - The Namaqua Day Gecko, Ocellated Day Gecko, or Spotted Day Gecko is a species of lizard in the Gekkonidae family.
Ogilby's Knobtail Gecko - Underwoodisaurus sphyrurus is a species of lizard in the Gekkonidae family.
Okinawa Black-breasted Leaf Turtle - At first it was considered a subspecies of Geoemyda spengleri, and named Geoemyda spengleri japonica.
Oligodon nikhili - Nikhil's Kukri Snake Oligodon nikhili is a species of snake found in the Palni Hills of south India.
Olive Ridley Turtle - These lightly-built turtles have an average weight just over 46 kilograms .
Olmecan Pit Viper - Extremely stout, females are know to reach a maximum of 77.
Ophryacus melanurus - Adults grow to between 37.
Opisthotropis kikuzatoi - The Kikuzato's Brook Snake, Opisthotropis kikuzatoi, is a species of snake in the Colubridae family.
Orinoco crocodile - It is restricted to the Orinoco river drainage basin and the Meta River drainage basin in Colombia and Venezuela.
Ornamental Snake - While not generally regarded as dangerous to man, bites from this species may result in localised swelling.
Ornate box turtle - There are two subspecies of T.
Ornate Ground Snake - The St Lucia Racer is a species of snake in the Colubridae family.
Orsini's Viper - Adults average 40-50 cm in length, although specimens of 63-80 cm have been reported.
Otago skink - Otago skinks are large compared to other New Zealand skinks, capable of growing to lengths up to 12 inches .