Reptiles beginning with K

Kangaroo Island Copperhead - Austrelaps labialis
Kasner's Burrowing Skink - The Kasner's Dwarf Burrowing Skink is a species of skink in the Scincidae family.
Kaznakow's Viper - A stoutly built species, of which the males are usually shorter and more slender than the females.
Keel-scaled earless lizard - There are three recognized subspecies of Holbrookia propinqua:
Keeled box turtle - The Keeled Box Turtle is a species of the turtle family Geoemydidae found in China , northern and Central Vietnam, Laos, northern Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and Assam in India.
Kemp's Ridley Turtle - Kemp's Ridley is the smallest living sea turtle species, reaching maturity at 2-3 feet long and averaging only 45 kilograms .
Kirtland's snake - It is a small, slender snake.
Knob-scaled Lizard - These powerful, strong-limbed lizards have flat heads and robust bodies. When alarmed, Xenosaurus adopts a threat posture, with mouth agape, revealing a black membrane. The female gives birth to litters of 3 fully formed live young, which are about 4 cm long at birth.
Komodo Island monitor - Mating begins between May and August, and the eggs are laid in September.
Koraten Writhing Skink - The Korat Supple Skink is a species of skink in the Scincidae family.
Kuhlman's Tree Iguana - Liolaemus kuhlmanni is a species of lizard in the Iguanidae family.