Reptiles beginning with I

Iberian Wall Lizard - A subspecies of this lizard, Podarcis hispanica atrata, lives in the Columbretes Islands far off the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula.
Ibiza Wall Lizard - A sub-species, P.
Impressed tortoise - The impressed tortoise lives at high elevations, up to 2,000 m.
Indian black turtle - N Bangladesh, C Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Chagos Islands and Nepal.
Indian Egg-eating Snake - This species is glossy brown to black with bluish white flecks toward the hind end and a creamy stripe on the mid dorsal from neck to tail tip.
Indian Flap-shelled Turtle - Carapace viewed from above is broadly oval in adults and more circular in young, widest just anterior to hind limbs, width of disc 77-86 per cent of its length; carapace moderately arched, shell height 35-40.
Indian python. - Indian python, Referred to as "Ajgar" in Hindi.
Indochinese box turtle - The Indochinese Box Turtle aka Vietnamese Box Turtle or Flowerback Box Turtle is a species of box turtle from China , northern and central Vietnam,Laos and possibly northeastern Cambodia.
Indotestudo travancorica - Travancore Tortoise Indotestudo travancorica is a species of tortoise found in the Western Ghats of India.
Islamonito Least Gecko - The Monito Gecko is restricted to two locations, one along the island's northwestern shelf over a sea cave, and one along the northeastern edge in the vicinity of Castle Rock, in the island of Monito which measures approximately 500 by 300 meters, an area of 0.
Island glass lizard - The Island Glass Lizard is a species of lizard found in the United States.
Iwasaki's snail-eater - It is endemic to Japan.