Iranian Gecko

* Iranian Gecko, Carinatogecko aspratilis * Iraqi Gecko, Carinatogecko heteropholis References - * Carinatogecko at the TIGR Reptile Database Stub icon This article about a gecko More

Iranian Gecko Carinatogecko aspratilis Iraqi Gecko Carinatogecko heteropholis Chondrodactylus is Monotypic Genus of little known Comb-toed Geckos species Classification of genus Christinus: Lord Howe Island Southern Gecko Christinus guentheri Marbled Gecko Christinus Cnemaspis is a genus of diurnal Gecko found in Asia. More

Common names

Iranian Gecko in English - English

Order : Squamata
Family : Gekkonidae
Genus : Carinatogecko
Species : Carinatogecko aspratilis
Authority : ANDERSON 1973