Family Gekkonidae

Ailuronyx - Ailuronyx is a small genus of geckos from Seychelles, commonly known as Skin-sloughing Geckos.

Bunopus - Bunopus is a genus of small geckos or lizards found in many sites around the world.

Carinatogecko - Carinatogecko is a genus of Gekkonidae family.

Christinus - The genus was named for Christine Biggs, a friend of the one of the authors.

Coleonyx - Coleonyx is a genus of terrestrial geckos commonly referred to as banded geckos.

Cryptactites - Cryptactites is recently described monotypic species of gecko, formerly considered member of the Phyllodactylus genus, commonly known as Coastal Leaf-toed Geckos.

Cyrtodactylus - Cyrtodactylus is a genus of Asian geckos, commonly known as bow-fingered geckos.

Cyrtopodion - Cyrtopodion is a genus of the Gekkonidae family.

Dixonius - Bauer, A.

Eublepharis - The genus Eublepharis was first described by the British zoologist John Edward Gray in 1827.

Euleptes - Eulepes is a small genus of gecko, commonly known as European Leaf-toed Gecko.

Gekko - Gekko is a genus of colorful and diverse Southeast Asian geckos commonly known as true geckos or calling geckos.

Goggia - Goggia is a genus of geckos, a type of lizard found mainly in southern Africa.

Hemidactylus - Hemidactylus is a genus of the family of typical geckos, Gekkonidae.

Hemiphyllodactylus - Hemiphyllodactylus is a genus of geckos ranging from India, China down to Southeast Asia and Oceania.

Hoplodactylus - Hoplodactylus is one of two genera of geckos native to New Zealand, the other being Naultinus.

Lepidoblepharis - Lepidoblepharis is a genus of Central and South American dwarf geckos, commonly known as Scaly-eyed Geckos.

Lepidodactylus - Lepidodactylus is a genus of small geckos, commonly known as Scaly-toed Geckos.

Luperosaurus - Luperosaurus is a genus of geckos commonly known as Fringed Geckos.

Naultinus - Naultinus is a genus of geckos endemic to New Zealand.

Nephrurus - Nephrurus is a genus of eleven species of gecko, commonly known as Knob-tailed Geckos.

Phelsuma - Day Geckos are small lizards of the genus Phelsuma in the gecko family.

Pseudogekko - Pseudogekko is a genus of rare gecko species, commonly known as False Geckos, all found in the Philippines and not seen in captivity outside their native country.

Ptychozoon - Ptychozoon is a genus of arboreal gecko from Southeast Asia, known as Flying Geckos or Parachute Geckos.

Ptyodactylus - Ptyodactylus is a genus of geckos distributed across dry areas of Africa and the Middle East, commonly known as Fan-fingered Geckos.

Quedenfeldtia - Quedenfeldtia is a genus of attractive gecko species, commonly known as Atlas Day Geckos.

Saurodactylus - Saurodactylus is genus of geckos endemic to Northern Africa, better known as Lizard-fingered Geckos.

Sphaerodactylus - Sphaerodactylus is a genus of geckos from the Americas that are distinguished from other gekkoninae by their small size and round, rather than vertical eye pupils and each digit terminating in a single, round adhesive pad or scale, from which their name is derived.

Tarentola - Tarentola is a genus of geckos, commonly known as Wall Geckos.

Tropiocolotes - Tropiocolotes is a small genus of very small geckos, mostly about 2" or less in total length, endemic to Northern Africa.

Underwoodisaurus - Underwoodisaurus is a small genus of Australian Gekkonidae, described as thick-tailed geckos, rarely seen outside their native habitat.

Order : Squamata
Family : Gekkonidae