Ornate box turtle

Ornate box turtle is the common name of Terrapene ornata ornata, one of only two terrestrial species of turtles native to the Great Plains of the United States. It is one of the two different subspecies of Terrapene ornata. More

The Ornate Box Turtle is one of two turtle species on the Great Plains that are terrestrial. More

Ornate box turtles do not need a lot of air humidity, but they do need to be able to dig into moist spots under bushes or in one of the hides. More

other members of the Terrapene group, the ornate box turtle has a singular hinge on the plastron that enables it to completely close its head, tail and limbs inside its shell. The front legs are heavily scaled with thick fore claws present on both the male and female. More

The western box turtle or Ornate Box Turtle is perhaps one of the most commonly available of all the box turtles! Ornate Box Turtle Contents * Distribution: * Status * Description: More

Ornate box turtles have a domed carapace that is brown with yellow lines on the scutes (sometimes described as a starburst pattern), with no central keel. The plastron scutes have radiating yellow and brown lines. More

Western Ornate Box Turtle, peeking out of its shell. The reddish irises of the eyes suggest that it is a male. Photo by Michael M. Sharp. Western Ornate Box Turtle, peeking out of its shell. The reddish irises of the eyes suggest that it is a male. More

The Ornate Box Turtle has very attractive radiating patterns on the plastron as well as the carapace. Notice the yellow line instead of a dorsal keel. More

Ornate Box Turtle is slightly flattened and unkeeled. The background color of the carapace is brown to black and each scute features a pattern of radiating yellow lines. The plastron is also strongly marked with yellow or white lines and streaks. More

The ornate box turtle has a domed, round or oval carapace (upper shell) that is dark brown to reddish-brown, often with a yellow stripe running down the centre. More

The ornate box turtle was officially listed as a state threatened species in Illinois in October 2009. More

The carapace of the Ornate Box Turtle is relatively broad and oval, usually slightly flattened at the top, and lacks both a narrow keel lengthwise down the center and any flaring at the More

The ornate box turtle is an endangered species in Wisconsin. Wisconsin status: endangered At about 5 inches long, the ornate box turtle almost looks as if someone took a small paintbrush to it. More

tracking Ornate Box Turtles at Lost Mound. This species will be listed as a threatened species in Illinois under the IDNR’s new regulations to be approved this fall. More

Ornate Box Turtle: Great Plains Nature Center Links: State Reptiles & Amphibians - 50 States List GoogleEnter your search termsSubmit search form GIFTS BY STATE Great gifts for teachers - travelers - students! More

Ornate box turtles differ from the common box turtle group by having a strong pattern of radiating lines on each scute on the plastron (generally plain in T. carolina). More

The Ornate box turtle (Terrapane Ornata Ornata) has a wide and oval carpace, not having the length as the other species. The color ranges from black to reddish brown. Yellowish lines radiate from the center of the scutes, similar to the Florida box turtle. More

The Ornate Box Turtle is only five inches long. It's hard to believe it is related to the huge Galapagos tortoise! This small turtle gets its name from its hand painted appearance. Its dark brown or black upper shell sports bright yellow dashes. More

Description: Ornate Box turtles get their name from the design of their shell. Their shells are from 4-6 inches long, dark brown to black in color, and have small, yellow speckles on the carapace (top side) of their shell. More

The male ornate box turtle has red eyes and the female has yellowish brown eyes. * Box turtles have a hinge in the underside of their shell. More

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Common names

luteola: Desert Box Turtle in English - English
ornate box turtle in English - English
Terrapene ornata in Spanish - español
Tortue-boîte ornée commune in French - français
Tortuga adornada in Spanish - español
Western Box Turtle in English - English
ニシキハコガメ in Japanese - 日本語

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Order : Testudines
Family : Emydidae
Genus : Terrapene
Species : Terrapene ornata
Authority : AGASSIZ 1857