Yaqui Blackhead Snake

The Yaqui Blackhead Snake is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Range (see map below): The Yaqui Blackhead Snake is a species of western Mexico extending northward into extreme southeastern Arizona. Habitat: This species is found in a variety of habitats including tropical and semiarid woodlands. More

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Tantilla yaquia Yaqui Blackhead Snake Thamnophis atratus Santa Cruz Garter Snake Thamnophis brachystoma Shorthead Garter Snake... More

Common names

Culebra-encapuchada yaqui in Spanish - espaƱol
yaqui black-headed snake in English - English
Yaqui Blackhead Snake in English - English

Order : Squamata
Family : Colubridae
Genus : Tantilla
Species : Tantilla yaquia
Authority : Smith, 1942