Yellow monitor

Yellow Monitor Varanus flavescens is a species of Monitor lizard. More

The Yellow Monitor has a snout-vent length 500-515 mm, tail 575-600 mm. The dorsum reddish brown, body and tail barred with alternating dark-edged reddish brown and dirty yellow bars, ventrum light yellow. More

The yellow monitor has a forked shaped tongue. It has a long neck and long legs. It weights 300 pounds. Its tail is thick at the base and it is very long. They eat pigs ,reptiles , birds, insects ,small mammals ,and goats. More

the Yellow monitor seems to add yet another bit of complexity to the Mangrove monitor complex. It appears to be similar in morphology to other members of this group. The head is small and slender in build with the nostrils located toward the tip of the snout. More

* Countries in which the the Yellow monitor is known to occur: Bangladesh , India , Pakistan More

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The yellow monitor is a poorly known species and is considered to be one of the most endangered monitor lizards. It is found only in Bangladesh, Nepal, India and Pakistan (Minton 1966; Smith 1932; Swan & Leviton 1962; Auffenberg et al 1989; Sarker 1987). More

Yellow Monitor at the Riverbanks Zoo Columbia, South Carolina, USA (November 11, 2005) Back to Lizard Pictures Copyright More

have a baby yellow monitor who is not eating seems very lathargic tried force feeding still doesnt seem active enough any suggestions Navigate: Previous Message•Next Message Options: Reply To This Message•Quote This Message Subject Views Written More

Common names

Gelbwaran in German - Deutsch
short-toed monitor in English - English
Varan melen in Breton - brezhoneg
Waran żółtawy in Polish - polski
yellow monitor in English - English
ตะกวดเหลือง in Thai - ไทย

Order : Squamata
Family : Varanidae
Genus : Varanus
Species : Varanus flavescens
Authority : HARDWICKE & GRAY 1827