Giant girdled lizard

The Giant girdled lizard is classified as Vulnerable (VU), considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.

Zonure, or Giant Girdled Lizard is the largest species of Girdled Lizard. They live in colonies and dig burrows into the silty soil of the Themeda grassland in South Africa. The name Sungazer comes from their habit of sitting at the burrow entrance and facing the sun. More

Giant girdled lizards have very spiny scales, as well as four very large occipital spikes that adorn the back of their triangular head. The tail has whorls of very large spines. The body is yellow to dark brown, clouded with dark brown. More

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Giant Girdled Lizard of Sungazer. behaviour. African Herp News (35):16-17 * Welzel, Andreas 1981. Cordylus giganteus. Herpetofauna 3 (11): 17. More

Africa, the giant girdled lizard was chosen as the national lizard, and its images have adorned postage stamps and conservation posters. More

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Habitat: The Giant Girdled Lizards are terrestrial, living in grassland or transitional zones, where they dig burrows in silty, fine soil. The burrows are usually 15-20 m apart, approximately 40 cm deep, and up to 3 m long. More

Common names

Cordyle géant in French - français
Cordylus giganteus in French - français
Giant girdled lizard in English - English
Giant Girdled Lizard or Sungazer in English - English
Giant spiny-tailed lizard in English - English
Giant Spinytail Lizard in English - English
Giant zonure in English - English
Lézard à queue épineuse géant in French - français
Reuzengordelstaarthagedis in Dutch - Nederlands
Riesen-Gürtelschweif in German - Deutsch
Sungazer in English - English
Szyszkowiec olbrzymi in Polish - polski
オオヨロイトカゲ in Japanese - 日本語

Order : Squamata
Family : Cordylidae
Genus : Cordylus
Species : Cordylus giganteus
Authority : Smith, 1844