Grand Cayman iguana

The Grand Cayman iguana is classified as Critically Endangered (CR), facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.

The Blue Iguana or Grand Cayman Iguana (Cyclura lewisi) is a critically endangered species of lizard of the genus Cyclura endemic to the island of Grand Cayman. More

was a captive breeding program for the Grand Cayman iguana, which at the time was the most critically endangered of all the species of Cyclura. The Indianapolis Zoo is involved in research and conservation of all 16 taxa of West Indian iguanas. More

Also known as the 'blue iguana,' the Grand Cayman iguana can change the color of its skin. When the iguana is resting, it is a blue-gray color, but when it becomes excited, the front half of its body turns turquoise blue. More

A close relative of the Cuban iguana, the Grand Cayman Iguana is native to Grand Cayman. Populations have declined precipitously in recent times, with an estimated 50 individuals remaining on Grand Cayman. More

Grand Cayman iguana Cyclura lewisi (detali of above) - Location: National Zoo, Washington, DC Year: 2009 Merckdigitals catalogue number: 04-71184 Comments: More - portrait More

Grand Cayman Iguana at the Botanic Park. Take a guided kayak tour through our maze of mangrove canals & learn all about our diverse marine environment. National Trust for the Cayman Islands read more... More

The Grand Cayman iguana was originally described by Grant (1940). More

releases for Grand Cayman iguanas have already demonstrated that captive-raised iguanas can survive in nature without any pre-release conditioning. The first releases of head-started Jamaican iguanas were successfully attempted in March, 1996, with more scheduled. More

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Cyclura lewisi