Family Iguanidae

Amblyrhynchus - On his visit to the islands, Charles Darwin was revolted by the animals' appearance, writing:

Brachylophus - The genus Brachylophus consists of three extant iguanid species native to the islands of Fiji and Tonga in the South Pacific.

Conolophus - The Galápagos land iguanas comprise the genus Conolophus.

Ctenosaura - The world record sprint speed for lizards was attained by the Costa Rican spiny-tailed iguana .

Cyclura - The generic name is derived from the Ancient Greek cyclos  meaning "circular" and ourá  meaning "tail", after the thick-ringed tail characteristic of all Cyclura.

Dipsosaurus - The species was first described in the Catalog of North American Reptiles, by Spencer Fullerton Baird and Charles Frédéric Girard) in 1853 as Crotaphytus dorsalis it was reclassified two years later as Dipsosaurus dorsalis by Edward Hallowell.

Iguana - The word "Iguana" is derived from a Spanish form of the original Taino name for the species "Iwana".

Sauromalus - The Chuckwalla is a large lizard found primarily in arid regions of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico.

Order : Squamata
Family : Iguanidae