West Indian Iguana

The West Indian Iguana is classified as Vulnerable (VU), considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.

* Determining vitamin D status of captive West Indian iguanas at the Zoo before and after exposure to sunlight. More

West Indian iguanas of the genus Cyclura are a group of large, herbivorous lizards that inhabit islands throughout the Greater Antilles and the Bahamas. They are the largest and most conspicuous lizards in the Western Hemisphere. More

West Indian Iguanas,” involved the collection of growth data, blood, fecal and bacterial culture samples from both headstart and free-ranging iguanas. More

(1999) West Indian Iguanas: Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan. IUCN/SSC West Indian Iguana Specialist Group, Gland, Switzerland and Cambridge. Available at: http://www.iucn-isg. More

West Indian Iguanas—Allison C. Alberts, Jeffrey M. Lemm, Tandora D. Grant, and Lori A. Jackintell 16. Survival and Reproduction of Repatriated Jamaican Iguanas: Headstarting as a Viable Conservation Strategy—Byron S. Wilson, Allison C. Alberts, Karen S. Graham, Richard D. More

assist the IUCN/SSC West Indian Iguana Specialist Group in promoting the preservation of these endangered lizards, all proceeds from the sale of this poster will help to fund critical iguana research and conservation projects throughout the Caribbean. More

The closely related West Indian iguana lives on several Caribbean islands. Other well-known relatives are the rhinoceros iguana of Haiti, the desert iguana of Mexico and the USA, and the marine (Amblyrhynchus cristatus) and land (Conolophus) iguanas of the Galápagos Islands. More

West Indian iguanas (Cyclura and Iguana), which are among the most endangered lizards in the world, and their habitats. It includes data on each species' habitat, cu Department_of_Chemistry_and_Polymer_Sciences Resources and courses at the University of Steelenbosch, Matieland, South Africa. More

Common names

Iguana delicatissima in Spanish - español
Karibischer Gruner Leguan in German - Deutsch
Lesser antillean iguana in English - English
Tsinlátah naʼashǫ́ʼiitsoh in Navajo - Diné bizaad
West Indian Iguana in English - English
West Indian Iguana, Lesser Antillean Iguana in English - English
Малоантилска игуана in Macedonian - македонски јазик

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Order : Squamata
Family : Iguanidae
Genus : Iguana
Species : Iguana delicatissima
Authority : LAURENTI 1768