Galapagos Land Iguana

The Galapagos Land Iguana is classified as Vulnerable (VU), considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.

The Galapagos Land Iguana (Conolophus subcristatus) is a species of lizard in the Iguanidae family. It is one of three species of the genus Conolophus. More

The Galapagos Land Iguana resembles the mythical creatures of the past-dragons with long tails, clawed feet and spiny crests. Land Iguanas have a spiky dorsal crest which runs along the neck and back. They are heavily bodied with thick back legs and smaller front legs. More

Videos and images Galapagos land iguana on rock There are two species of land iguana found in the Galapagos; this species Conolophus subcristatus, is found on six islands and Conolophus pallidus is found only on Santa Fe. More

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Galapagos land iguanas are yellow, orange or a mix of the two. They have blunt heads and long, tapering tails. These iguanas have short legs and long, sharp claws. A row of spines runs down the center of the neck and down the back. More

Although Galapagos land iguana are found in plentiful numbers, you'll need to visit either Santa Cruz, Plazza, Isabela, Fernandina or Santa Fe islands if you want to see them. More

The Galapagos Land Iguana is a bit shyer than his marine cousins, lurking in the bushes for the most part. We were cautioned to approach quietly. I like the camouflage of the bushes around him, makes him look mysterious and elusive.. More

the Galapagos Land Iguana is yellowish brown to red, its continental relative is dark green to yellow. More

a Galapagos Land Iguana, since this islands is one of the best places in the Galapagos Islands to see them. There are also lots and lots of sea lions. More

Galapagos Land Iguana grows to a length of three to five feet with a body weight of up to twenty-five pounds, depending upon which island they are from. More

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the Galapagos land iguana is a text book example of evolution in action. The two species endemic to the islands are similar yet different. They resemble the mainland green iguana but are separate species. More

Galapagos land iguanas are vegetarian, and survive on the driest islands by eating cactus pads (see photo). The adults especially like cactus fruits and will climb the prickly plants to knock off the fruits then eat them on the ground. More

The Galapagos Land Iguana varies in morphology and coloration among different island populations. There are two taxonomically distinct forms of Conolophus inhabiting the western part of the islands (C. cristatus and C. pallidus) and one in the central part (C. cristatus). More

The Galapagos land iguana feeds on cacti (mainly the prickly pear cactus) and their flowers. It suffers no adverse affects from eating cactus spines, which pass easily through its digestive system. More

The Galapagos land iguana is plentiful and not considered endangered like many species in the area. More

Galapagos Land Iguanas are primarily herbivorous and 80% of their diet is made up of the prickly-pear cactus. They also supplement their diet with insects and carrion if they are available. More

Common names

Conolophus subcristatus in French - français
Galapagos Land Iguana in English - English
Galapagos landleguaan in Dutch - Nederlands
Iguana terrestre de las galápagos in Spanish - español
Iguane terrestre des galapagos in French - français
Igwan-douar Galapagos in Breton - brezhoneg
Laavaleguaani in Finnish - suomen kieli
land iguana in English - English
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Naʼashǫ́ʼiitsoh łitsooígíí in Navajo - Diné bizaad
ガラパゴスリクイグアナ in Japanese - 日本語

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Order : Squamata
Family : Iguanidae
Genus : Conolophus
Species : Conolophus subcristatus
Authority : GRAY 1831