Golden Lancehead

The Golden Lancehead is classified as Critically Endangered (CR), facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.

size for a litter of golden lanceheads is 6 and a half newborns. Like most vipers, B. insularis gives live birth to its young. More

America, up to 5,000 of them! The golden lancehead is endemic to Queimada Grande and because there are no mammals on the island, it is forced to feed on birds. More

was a golden lancehead, a species that lives on Queimada Grande and nowhere else in the world. The biggest reason the island is so deserted is that these snakes cover the island. Experts say there More

of the golden lancehead, male, female, and third sex that has both male and female sex organs. Mark O'Shea has some info on his site more info at: More

golden lancehead is a highly venomous pitviper, a group of vipers distinguished by the conspicuous heat-sensitive pits (‘loreal pits’) between the nostril and eye. Like other vipers ... More

fer-de-lance More

of the golden lancehead has the same anti-coagulant properties as that of the regular fer-de-lance, and there is an unusually large number on the island. The population is unchecked by humankind and the snake has no natural predators. More

* Golden Lancehead - Snake Island - Ilha de Queimada Grande in Estado de São Paulo, Brazil Click to enlarge. More

(Bothrops insularis) the Golden Lancehead on Ihla queimada, Brazil, if only for one day. Man, what a dream that would be.......... More

But, the Golden Lancehead has, drop for drop, the most POWERFUL venom of any land-dwelling snake in the world. There are sea-snakes (banded sea crete, beaked sea snakes) that have more powerful venom than the golden lancehead, but they are not frequuently encountered by people. More

Each golden lancehead’s venom is five times more potent that of its closest relative, the fer-de-lance, responsible for most snakebite deaths in South America. (Read more) image Comments: 0 Downloaded: 135 Folder: General eastern coral snake. More

the Golden lancehead viper (Bothrops insularis)which is only found on Ilha Queimada Grande, located 34km off the SE coast of Brasil. Once the research team arrives at the island they ferry between the large boat and island via small craft. More

understanding, the golden lancehead on the island of Queimada Grande does have an extremely toxic venom (he claims it is not as toxic as it is thought to be). More

Common names

Golden Lancehead in English - English
island jararaca in English - English
Jararaca-ilhoa in French - français
Queimada island bothrops in English - English
Queimada jararaca in English - English
queimada jararaca, island jararaca (German: Insellanzenotter) in English - English
Златна змия in Bulgarian - български език

Order : Squamata
Family : Viperidae
Genus : Bothrops
Species : Bothrops insularis
Authority : AMARAL 1921