Godman's Garter Snake

The Godman's Garter Snake is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

* Godman's Garter Snake, Thamnophis godmani (Günther, 1894) * Two-striped Garter Snake, Thamnophis hammondii (Kennicott, 1860) * Checkered Garter Snake, Thamnophis marcianus (Baird & Girard, 1853) * Blackbelly Garter Snake, More

* Godman's Garter Snake, Thamnophis godmani (GüntherAlbert C. L. G. GüntherAlbrecht Karl Ludwig Gotthilf Günther FRS October 3, 1830 – February 1 1914, was a German-born British zoologist.... More

Godman's Garter Snake/Mexican Garter Snake Duitse naam: Godmans Strumpfbandnatter Ondersoorten: Geen Herkomst: De zuidelijke Sierra Madre Oriental in Puebla en Veracruz, in de Mesa del Sur More

* Godmans Strumpfbandnatter Godman's Garter Snake, Thamnophis godmani (GÜNTHER, 1894) * Zweistreifen-Strumpfbandnatter Two-striped Garter Snake, Thamnophis hammondii (KENNICOTT, 1860) * Thamnophis lineri * Karierte Strumpfbandnatter More

Godman's Garter Snake (Thamnophis godmani) - Classification within iNaturalist * Life * Animals Kingdom Animalia * Phylum Chordata * More

Godman's garter snake inhabits scattered areas in the central highlands of the Oaxaca, Veracruz, and Guerrero areas of Mexico. More

Godman's Garter Snake - Thamnophis godmani Golden-headed Garter Snake - Thamnophis chrysocephalus Short-headed Garter Snake - Thamnophis brachystoma Mesa Central Blotched Garter Snake - Thamnophis scaliger Mesoamerican Highlands Garter Snake - Thamnophis fulvus Mexican Alpine Blotched Garter Snake - Thamnophis More

Common names

Culebra-listonada de Godman in Spanish - español
Godman's Garter Snake in English - English

Order : Squamata
Family : Colubridae
Genus : Thamnophis
Species : Thamnophis godmani
Authority : G