Grass Snake

The term Grass Snake is also used in North America to refer to the Smooth Green Snake (Opheodrys vernalis) and the Rough Green Snake (O. aestivus). More

Closeup of a 1 metre (3 ft 3 in) grass snake from Great Britain The Grass Snake is typically dark green or brown in colour with a characteristic yellow collar behind the head, which explains the alternative name ringed snake. More

Grass Snakes live throughout the continent of Sarvonia, making their home in grassy fields and heaths. They are fairly harmless creatures and pose no threat to humans in the least bit. The usually eat small rodents, fish, insects, and eggs. More

the Grass Snake is the largest reptile reaching up to 190 centimetres total length, though such large specimens are rare. Females are considerably larger than males, typically reaching a size of 90-110 cm when fully grown. More

Grass Snakes, as with most reptiles, are at the mercy of the thermal environment and need to overwinter in areas which are not subject to freezing. Thus they typically spend the winter underground where the temperature is relatively stable. More

This Grass Snake was discovered on Malva Roman Castrum land, near water. "Sisiila" was freed after being photographed. They are harmless, and common throughout most of Europe. In Romania the snake is called "sarpe de casa" (translated literally, "home snake"). More

the Grass Snake is a ‘sit and wait’ predator, it is not poisonous (nor does it constrict its prey). Prey that comes within striking range is caught and held in the backwards-facing teeth before being swallowed whole. More

The Grass Snake is a non venomous snake often found in Europe. It is also referred to as the Ringed Snake or Water Snake. More

Grass snakes are the UK's largest reptile, and can reach up to 1.9m in length. They are one of the few animals that play dead as a defence against predators. More

The grass snake is Britain's largest terrestrial reptile. This snake is typically olive-green, brown or greyish in colour, with a variable row of black bars along the sides, occasionally with smaller round markings along the back in double rows. More

range of the Grass SnakeDistribution and Habitat The grass snake ranges from Britain through Europe and into central Asia, as well as northwestern Africa. It is most commonly found near ponds and streams, on marshy ground or in damp woodlands. More

Grass snake of Esculape = The grass snake of Esculape ( Elaphe longissima ) is a Serpent Colubridés. More

Like all members of the genus Natrix, the grass snake is an aquatic species that is usually closely associated with water (5). They are found in habitats featuring ponds, lakes, streams, marshes and ditches, which provide access to sunshine for basking and plenty of shelter. More

example the term grass snake is also used for the European grass snake, Natrix natrix). When adopting a snake, it is best to find out the scientific name of your snake so you know exactly what you have. More

* Why is the grass snake green in colour? * Do grass snakes eat grass? * How do you catch grass snakes? » More ADVERTISEMENT Answer these * If a green grass snake's skin is darkening More

The Adder and the Grass snake are the most common known snakes on the British Isles, however, the Smooth snake is only recognised by very few people. More

THE GRASS SNAKE OF CYPRUS Natrix natrix cypriaca Introduction: The Grass Snake is one of the most rare and endangered snakes in Cyprus. This snake, was first mentioned as "water snake" by Dr. J. Sibthorp who visited Cyprus in 1787. More

Grass snakes will prey on lizards, nestling birds, mice and voles, but newts, tadpoles and frogs from the bulk of their diet. More

grass snakegrass snake - any of numerous nonvenomous longitudinally-striped viviparous North American and Central American snakesgarter snakecolubrid, colubrid snake - mostly harmless temperate-to-tropical terrestrial or arboreal or aquatic snakesgenus Thamnophis, Thamnophis - garter snakescommon garter snake, Thamnophis sirtalis - a garter More

Grass snakes are present in most of Wales, but their numbers are declining. More

Grass snakes do not do well in captivity, although, the Italian specimens could at least be convinced to feed, unlike their British counterparts. More

In Great Britain the Grass Snake is the largest reptile, reaching up to 190 centimetres (6 ft 3 in) total length, though such large specimens are rare. More

Grass snakes are found throughout England and Wales. Feeding primarily on fish and amphibians, grass snakes can occasionally venture into garden ponds in the summer months, particularly in rural or semi-rural parts of the south. More

smooth snake, the grass snake relies on stealth and a lighting quick strike to catch its prey, Once a frog or newt is in its grasp, the snake dislocates its lower jaw and then slowly inches first the upper and then the lower jaw over its victim until More

critical 15C, the grass snake will be active soon after sunrise, catching any unwary frog or newt and then sunbathing until the sun becomes too fierce around noon, when it will slither into the shade. More

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