Northern alligator lizard

The Northern alligator lizard is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Elgaria coerulea, or the Northern alligator lizard, is roughly 2.5 inches to 5.5 inches or the general length of the hand to shorter. The cross section width is about the size of dime or quarter. More

* Northern Alligator Lizard: 28 Apr 1979 at Klamath River mouth, Del Norte Co. More

The Northern Alligator Lizard (Elgaria coerulea) is a medium-sized lizard that occurs on the North American west coast. More

General DescriptionThe body of the northern alligator lizard is elongate and the legs are short. The back is brown, tan, or gray to olive, yellow, or greenish. The dark sides of the body are often checkered with small darker patches. More

that the Northern Alligator Lizard gives birth to live young, while the Southern Alligator Lizard is an egg layer. Always handle alligator lizards carefully; they have a tail that easily breaks off, and they also have strong enough jaws to give a serious bite. More

The Northern Alligator lizard is the Pacific Northwest's only true lizard that I know of. More

For Northern Alligator Lizards, I would suggest a 5-10 gallon tank (if you only have one lizard). A good sized rock and UV lamp are essential for a healthy lizard. I would suggest moist forest bedding at the bottom of the cage. More

Range: Northern Alligator Lizards (the species) occur in the Pacific states from central California to British Columbia, including most of Washington, northern Idaho, and northwestern Montana. This subspecies occurs from the northwest corner of California northward. More

Northern Alligator Lizard Habitat - The Northern Alligator Lizard loves cool and wet areas where rocks, rotten logs, loose bark, shrubs and other surface debris is readily available. More

This Northern Alligator Lizard was in our enclosed breezeway searching for small invertebrates. The video was recorded on August 11, 2005 at 11:34 AM in Waldport, Oregon. More

The Northern Alligator Lizard - Elgaria coerulea (found only from the Monterey Bay north, and in the Sierra Nevada.) The Panamint Alligator Lizard - Elgaria panamintina (found only in isolated spots in the desert. More

The Northern Alligator Lizard is from the order Squamata. Species from this order are amphisbaenians, lizards or snakes. There are over 6,000 living species belonging to the squamata order - it is the largest order of all reptiles. More

Northern alligator lizards like to hang out in open wooded areas and sometimes grassland areas. They are not found under bark or rocks. Likes to Eat: Northern alligator lizards are carnivorous and like to eat animals like insects, spiders and snails. More

The northern alligator lizard has the widest range, south from British Columbia to central California and east into Montana. More

Northern alligator lizard, Elgaria coerulea principis More Images More

miniature alligator, the Northern Alligator Lizards is typically a chocolate brown, tan, or gray. These lizards are medium in size reaching nearly a foot in total length. There are 4 distinct variations of this lizard. More

* Northern Alligator Lizard account on Printed references: * Basey, H. E. 1976. Discovering Sierra Reptiles and Amphibians * Behler, J. L., King, F. W. 1979. More

Common names

Elgaria coerulea in Spanish - espaƱol
northern alligator lizard in English - English
shastensis: Shasta Alligator Lizard in English - English

Order : Squamata
Family : Anguidae
Genus : Elgaria
Species : Elgaria coerulea
Authority : WIEGMANN 1828