Black wood turtle

Black Wood TurtleBlack River Turtle ~ Central American Wood Turtle = Family: GeoemydidaePicture of a Black Wood Turtle, Rhinoclemmys Rhinoclemmys funerea * Puzzles * Postcards Rhinoclemmys funereaPhoto More

Conservation of the Black Wood Turtle in Costa Rica Rhinoclemmys funerea. Biology ... Tortoises: Chiapan Giant Musk Turtle Staurotypus salvini adults - slight imperfections, W, $85.00, -, -. Giant Black Wood Turtle Rhinoclemmys funerea babies, CB, $60.00, -, -. ... More

Conservation of the Black Wood Turtle in Costa Rica Rhinoclemmys funerea. Biology ... Reptiles and birds: Rhinoclemmys annulata. Rhinoclemmys areolata. Rhinoclemmys diademata. Rhinoclemmys funerea. Rhinoclemmys melanosterna. Rhinoclemmys nasuta. Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima. ... http://163.238.8. More

Black wood turtle; Wood turtle; Ornate wood turtle; South american wood turtle; Central american wood turtle; North american wood turtle; Black river turtle; Indian black turtle; Black-billed wood-dove; Black-breasted wood-quail; Black-breasted leaf turtle; East african black mud turtle; Turtle; Wood gnat; Wood cockroach; Wood fox; Wood More

* Black Wood Turtle Info by author unknown (called Central American Wood Turtles on the webpage, but shouldn't be confused w/R. pulcherrima. Not a caresheet, just a couple of pics and a little info. More

GIANT BLACK WOOD TURTLE FOR SALE LARGER IMAGE JUVENILE BLACK WOOD TURTLES FOR SALE * Black Wood Turtles are native to Central American marshes, ponds and streams. More

Common names

Black river turtle in English - English
Black terrapin in English - English
black wood turtle in English - English
Rhinoclemmys funerea in Spanish - espaƱol
Zwarte aardschildpad in Dutch - Nederlands

Order : Testudines
Family : Geoemydidae
Genus : Rhinoclemmys
Species : Rhinoclemmys funerea
Authority : COPE 1876