Blunt-nosed leopard lizard

The Blunt-nosed leopard lizard is classified as Endangered (EN), considered to be facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild.

The blunt-nosed leopard lizard (Gambelia silus) is a relatively large lizard the Iguanidae family. It has a long, regenerative tail, long, powerful hind limbs, and a short, blunt snout. Adult males are slightly larger than females, ranging in size from 3.4 to 4. More

Gambelia sila, also known as the Blunt-nosed leopard lizard is listed as a federal endangered species and is listed by the State of California as an endangered species and fully protected species. More

Blunt-nosed Leopard Lizard is an endangered species, whose range is largely restricted to the San Joaquin Valley in Southern California. More

blunt-nosed leopard lizard is a large, robust long-lived lizard, measuring up to 127 mm from snout to vent, with a long, round, tapering, regenerative tail (61-68 percent of the lizards total length). More

The blunt-nosed leopard lizard is experiencing a decline because of agricultural development and urbanization. The few areas where it still resides are undergoing rapid development. Off-road vehicle recreation is also damaging to its environment, as well as overgrazing and agricultural pest control. More

habitat use information on Blunt-nosed leopard lizards andSan Joaquin antelope squirrels in 2002. Adult lizards are followed from May through early August, and squirrels are tracked from August through early October. Image of the San Joaquin antelope squirrelwith a transmitter. More

Home ranges of blunt-nosed leopard lizards in sec. 27 and 33 in 2003. More

The blunt-nosed leopard lizard is only found in California's San Joaquin Valley. As its name suggests, this lizard is identifiable by its very short snout. Adult males grow up to 4.7 inches long and females grow up to 4.4 inches long. More

Endangered Status The Blunt-nosed Leopard Lizard is on the U.S. Endangered Species List. It is classified as endangered in California. More

Blunt-nosed Leopard Lizard, San Joaquin Leopard Lizard Synonym/s: Gambelia silus (Stejneger, 1890) Taxonomic Notes: Gambelia sila was previously placed in the genus Crotaphytus. More

Blunt-nosed leopard lizard and Two-striped gartersnake cannot move through agricultural or developed areas. The footprint of agriculture is most apparent in these species’ maps. More

resistance under current conditions for Blunt-nosed leopard lizard is twice that of San Joaquin kit fox or Pronghorn antelope. McRae and Beier24 have shown that resistance values generated from Circuitscape are a better indication of genetic variability between species populations than other models such as least-cost path. More

happened so often to the blunt-nosed leopard lizard that he is now an endangered species. An endangered species is a species with a low number in its population. It could also have a declining population that could make it soon become extinct. More

Common names

blunt-nosed leopard lizard in English - English
Blunt-nosed or san joaquin leopard lizard in English - English
Bluntnose Leopard Lizard in English - English
Bluntnose Leopard Lizard, San Joaquin Leopard Lizard in English - English

Order : Squamata
Family : Crotaphytidae
Genus : Gambelia
Species : Gambelia sila
Authority : STEJNEGER 1890