Bermuda skink

The Bermuda skink is classified as Critically Endangered (CR), facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.

Adult Bermuda skinks (also known locally as "rock lizards") have dark brown or black backs and are pinkish or light gray on the underside. Juveniles are lighter in color and have black stripes running along the sides of their bodies, which fade with age. More

The Bermuda skink is a small robust lizard. The skin is shiny with conspicuous scales and adults are a dark brown/black colour on the back and salmon pink or light grey underneath. More

As part of the Bermuda Skink Project, a broad ecological investigation has been under way since October 2001. More

Populations of the Bermuda skink have been decimated by human activities on the island of Bermuda. Habitat destruction, the introduction of predators and the recent encroachment of rubbish (3), have all contributed to the skink's currently precipitous status. More

The Bermuda skink has been placed on the critically endangered list by the International Union for the Conservation of Natural Resources - 1997-02-17 04:00:00 GMT Don't you mess with a skink - it could be costly Messing with More

jpgThe Bermuda Skink, or Rock Lizard, which is found only in Bermuda, was once a common sight all over the island. Today they are so rare that many people have never seen one. If we do not act to protect the skink, it may become extinct. More

The Bermuda skink or rock lizard is a scarce endemic reptile. More

The Bermuda Skink or Rock Lizard is a scarce endemic reptile. Q. Are there any poisonous animals or plants? A. There are no snakes in Bermuda. More

Common names

Bermuda rock lizard in English - English
Bermuda rock skink in English - English
Bermuda skink in English - English
Bermudian rock lizard in English - English
Bermudian rock skink in English - English

Order : Squamata
Family : Scincidae
Genus : Eumeces
Species : Eumeces longirostris
Authority : COPE 1861