Blanding's turtle

The Blanding's Turtle (Emydoidea blandingii) is a species of semi-aquatic turtle. It is the only species in the genus Emydoidea, and is considered to be a threatened or endangered species throughout much of its range. More

The Blanding's turtle is medium-sized for a turtle. On the average, an adult turtle is 8 to 10 inches long and weighs up to 3 pounds. Male turtles are larger than females and the undersides of their shells are concave (indented) for mating. More

Wisconsin DNR: Blanding's Turtles - A comprehensive page on the Blanding's Turtle University of Michigan Museum of Zoology - Detailed information, and nice photographs under the 'media' section Iowa Herpetology - Another site containing a detailed text and photography More

Range: Blanding's turtles in Nova Scotia exist in three small populations on the Mersey and Medway watersheds in the southwestern part of the province. They have specific habitat sites for nesting, summering, and overwintering. More

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The Blanding's turtle is a medium sized turtle with an average shell length of approximately seven to nine inches and a maximum length of 10 inches. A distinguishing feature of this turtle is the bright yellow chin and throat. More

Blanding's turtle often wanders about on land, but seldom far from water. Unlike other species of pond turtles, this large but very timid turtle has no difficulty in swallowing food out of water. More

The notched upper jaw of Blanding's turtle is conspicuous, and contrasts with the hooked beak of the box turtle, with which this species is sometimes confused. The head and upper neck are dark, usually with some yellow spotting. More

Blanding's turtles are found in and around shallow weedy ponds, marshes, swamps, and lake inlets and coves most of the year. More

Blanding's Turtles have a high domed black shell with yellow flecks. Their plastron is yellow with black blotches on the outer edge of the scutes. The skin is black with yellow flecks. The key identification feature is the bright yellow throat. More

Blanding's Turtle is protected from any actions that may cause further harm to the species. It is also protected under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act. The Provincial Policy Statement under the Planning Act provides protection to significant habitat of threatened species. More

Recent study of Blanding's turtles by researchers at Acadia University and Kejimkujik National Park has helped us understand the life history of this species. Until their work, few juvenile turtles had been seen and their life was not well understood. More

Blanding's Turtles are members of the family Emydidae, as are other aquatic turtles such as Painted and Map Turtles. More

The Blanding's turtle (considered threatened or endangered) was proposed as the official state reptile of Minnesota in 1998. More

blandings turtleThe elusive, yellow-necked Blanding's turtle is one of New Hampshire's rarest, oldest and best-traveled reptiles. Some may walk miles to get to the right place for mating and nesting. More

The Blanding's turtle is listed as a Threatened species in Minnesota. Description This is one of Minnesota's larger turtle species. Average adult size is from 5 to 8 inches carapace length. More

Blanding's turtles occur in the northern tier of states from Minnesota to Maine, but the range is not contiguous and there are several separate populations. More

Blanding's turtle is a medium-sized turtle with an elongated, dome-like carapace and a long neck. The smooth carapace is usually black with a variable number of yellowish spots and streaks. More

and the problems that Blanding's turtles face here in Massachusetts. I have also blogged about the head-start program for Northern red-bellied turtles. Combining those two themes together, today's blog is about the head-start program for Blanding's turtles. More

Blanding's turtle survey and conservation = Blanding's turtle The Blanding's turtle (Emydoidea blandingii) is a state-listed threatened species. More

Common names

Amerikai mocsáriteknős in Hungarian - Magyar
Baot Blanding in Breton - brezhoneg
Bl in English - English
blanding's turtle in English - English
Blanding&rsquos Turtle in English - English
ing&rsquos Turtle in English - English
tortue mouchetée in French - français
Черепаха пресноводная Блэндинга in Russian - русский язык
ブランディングガメ in Japanese - 日本語

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Order : Testudines
Family : Emydidae
Genus : Emydoidea
Species : Emydoidea blandingii
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