Bulmer's fruit bat

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Bulmer's fruit bat

Order : Chiroptera
Family : Pteropodidae
Subfamily : Pteropodinae
Species : Aproteles bulmerae


The Bulmer's fruit bat is listed as Critically Endangered (CR), facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild, on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Namings for the Bulmer
A young / baby of a Bulmer is called a 'pup'. A Bulmer group is called a 'colony or cloud'.

Facts about the Bulmer's fruit bat

Bulmer's fruit bat is a bit of an oddity in the bat world as well.

Bulmer's fruit bat is a large blackish-colored animal with a wingspan of over three feet.

The Bulmer's flying fox (Aproteles bulmerae) is a native of Papua, New Guinea.

The species, known as Bulmer's fruit bat (Aproteles bulmerae), is a large member of the flying fox family.

Today, Bulmer's fruit bats are found only in one location - a cave in Luplupwintem.

True to its name, the Bulmer's fruit bat is an obligate frugivore, which means it only eats fruit.

very batty Bulmer's fruit bats are also known as flying foxes.

Bulmer's fruit bat is a cave-dweller that occurs in mid-montane forests. (Full text)

Fewer than 200 Bulmer’s fruit bats are all that remain from a once-abundant population. (Full text)

Bulmer's fruit bat is a cave dweller and adult female bat weighs 600 grams. (Full text)

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