Slit-faced bats

Slit-faced bats

Order : Chiroptera
Family : Nycteridae


Facts about the family Nycteridae, the slit-faced bats

Nycteridae is a small family that includes only 1 genus and fewer than 20 species (Koopman, 1993), while Megadermatidae currently includes 4 extant genera and 5 species (Koopman, 1993).

Common Slit-Faced Bat, also called Hollow-faced Bat, any of about 13 species of tropical bats forming the genus Nycteris and the family Nycteridae is found in Africa and in the Malaysian and Indonesian regions. (Full text)

Slit-faced bats are primarily insectivorous, but may occasionally eat small vertebrates (such as frogs or mice) if given the opportunity. (Full text)

The carnivorous slit-faced bats are found throughout most of Africa and parts of the Middle East.

Common slit-faced bats are capable of slow agile flight enabling them to hunt close to the ground and in dense vegetation.

The slit-faced bats are small, around three to five centimetres long. (Full text)

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