Animals beginning with the letter R

Amphibians beginning with R

Birds beginning with R

Fish beginning with R

Reptiles beginning with R

Mammals that start with R

raccoon dog
Radde's shrew
Raffray's bandicoot
Raffray's sheath-tailed bat
Rafinesque's big-eared bat
Rahm's brush-furred rat
railer bat
Rainey shrew
Rajah spiny rat
ranee mouse
rat-headed rice rat
Ratanaworabhan's fruit bat
Recife broad-nosed bat
red acouchi
red and white giant flying squirrel
red arboreal rice rat
red bat
red brocket
red bush squirrel
red climbing mouse
red crested tree rat
red fox
red fruit bat
red gazelle
red giant flying squirrel
red goral
red hocicudo
red howler monkey
red kangaroo
red leaf monkey
red mouse opossum
red myotis
red panda
red river hog
red rock rat
red spiny rat
red squirrel
red tree rat
red tree vole
red uakari
red wolf
red-bellied lemur
red-bellied marsupial shrew
red-bellied monkey
red-bellied mosaic-tailed rat
red-bellied squirrel
red-capped mangabey
red-cheeked dunnart
red-cheeked flying squirrel
red-cheeked ground squirrel
red-cheeked rope squirrel
red-chested mustached tamarin
red-eared monkey
red-flanked duiker
red-fronted gazelle
red-hipped squirrel
red-legged pademelon
red-legged short-tailed opossum
red-legged sun squirrel
red-necked pademelon
red-necked wallaby
red-nosed mouse
red-nosed tree rat
red-tailed chipmunk
red-tailed phascogale
red-tailed sportive lemur
red-tailed squirrel
reddish-gray musk shrew
reed vole
Reeves's muntjac
remarkable climbing mouse
Remy's shrew
rhesus monkey
rhim gazelle
Rhoads's oldfield mouse
ribboned rope squirrel
rice-field rat
Richardson's collared lemming
Richardson's ground squirrel
Richmond's squirrel
Rickett's big-footed bat
Ridley's bat
Ridley's roundleaf bat
ring-tailed ground squirrel
ring-tailed lemur
ring-tailed mongoose
Rio de Janeiro arboreal rat
riparian myotis
Risso's dolphin
riverine rabbit
Roach's mouse-tailed dormouse
roan antelope
Robert's arboreal rice rat
Robert's hocicudo
Robert's snow vole
Robinson's mouse opossum
robust dark rice rat
robust tuco-tuco
robust yellow bat
rock cavy
rock dormouse
rock hyrax
rock pocket mouse
rock ringtail possum
rock squirrel
rock vole
rock-dwelling giant rat
rock-loving mouse
Rodriguez flying fox
Rodriguez's harvest mouse
Rohu's bat
Roman mole
Romanian hamster
Rombo shrew
Roosevelt's shrew
Roraima mouse
Rosalinda gerbil
Rosalinda's oldfield mouse
Rosevear's striped grass mouse
Ross seal
Rothschild's porcupine
Rothschild's rock wallaby
Rothschild's woolly rat
Rothschild's zokor
rough-haired golden mole
rough-toothed dolphin
round-eared tube-nosed bat
round-eared tube-nosed fruit bat
round-tailed ground squirrel
round-tailed muskrat
royal vole
Royle's mountain vole
Royle's pika
Ruanda mole rat
Ruatan Island agouti
Rudd's mole rat
Rudd's mouse
ruddy mongoose
ruddy tree shrew
Ruemmler's brush mouse
Rueppel's pipistrelle
Rueppell's broad-nosed bat
ruffed lemur
rufous bettong
rufous dog-faced bat
rufous hare-wallaby
rufous tree rat
rufous-bellied bolo mouse
rufous-nosed rat
Rumpi mouse shrew
Ruschi's rat
russet free-tailed bat
russet ground squirrel
Russian desman
rusty pipistrelle
rusty-bellied brush-furred rat
rusty-spotted cat
Ruwenzori otter shrew
Ruwenzori shrew
Ruwenzori sun squirrel
Ruwenzori thicket rat
Rüppell's horseshoe bat
Ryukyu flying fox
Ryukyu mole
Ryukyu mouse
Ryukyu rat
Ryukyu spiny rat
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