Pond bat

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Original source: Myotis dasycneme
Author: Gilles San Martin from Namur, Belgium

Pond bat

Order : Chiroptera
Family : Vespertilionidae
Subfamily : Vespertilioninae
Species : Myotis dasycneme


The Pond bat is listed as Vulnerable (VU), considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild, on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Namings for the pond bat
A young / baby of a pond bat is called a 'pup'. A pond bat group is called a 'colony or cloud'.
Some facts about the
Pond bat

Adult weight : 0.015 kg (0.033 lbs)

Maximum longevity : 21 years

Source: AnAge, licensed under CC

Facts about the pond bat

Serotine bats are relatively uncommon in Britain and the pond bat is not found.

Abundance The Pond Bat is not very abundant.

De meervleermuis (Myotis dasycneme) is één van de twintig vleermuissoorten die in Nederland voorkomt en naar zeggen een van de meest karakteristieke Nederlandse vleermuissoorten.

The Pond bat is also a native species in North West Europe.

The Pond Bat is one of the largest bats in Estonia.

De meervleermuis (Myotis dasycneme) is een vleermuis uit de familie der gladneuzen (Vespertilionidae). (Wiki)

Serotine bats are uncommon in Britain, and the pond bat is not found. (Full text)

It is now believed that the world population of pond bats ranges anywhere from 100 to 200 thousand bats (Limpens 13), refuting past claims that the ³Myotis dasycneme is rare and probably endangered² (Pauza 65). (Full text)

Pond bats are thought to travel up to 15 kilometers to forage for food. (Full text)

The coloration of the pond bat is as follows: the upper part is usually a shade of brown and the underside is paler (Nowak 188). (Full text)

Because of the considerable deficits of knowledge, the status and level of threat of the pond bat is not clear. (Full text)

De Meervleermuis (Myotis Dasycneme) is een reservoir van het Europses vleermuis lyssavirus type 2 (EBLV2) in Nederland. (Full text)

For the first time pond bat, Myotis dasycneme, is found in the Caucasus (Gazaryan, submitted results). (Full text)

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