Heath rat

Heath rat

Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Sciurognathi
Family : Muridae
Subfamily : Murinae
Species : Pseudomys shortridgei


Keywords: tail , brown , black

The Blunt-faced rat, heath rat, shortridge's native mouse is listed as Conservation Dependent (LR/cd), the focus of a continuing taxon-specific or habitat-specific conservation programme targeted towards the taxon in question, the cessation of which would result in the taxon qualifying for one of the threatened categories below within a period of five years, on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Namings for the heath rat
A young / baby of a heath rat is called a 'kitten, nestling, pinkie or pup'. The females are called 'doe' and males 'buck'. A heath rat group is called a 'colony, horde, pack, plague or swarm'.
Some facts about the
Heath mouse

Adult weight : 0.064 kg (0.1408 lbs)

Maximum longevity : 6 years

Female maturity :335 days

Male maturity : 335 days

Litter size : 3

Litters per year : 1

Source: AnAge, licensed under CC

Facts about the heath rat

Abstract The rare heath mouse (Pseudomys shortridgei) is the only rodent lacking a conservation program in Western Australia. (Full text)

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