Old World rats and mice

Old World rats and mice

Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Sciurognathi
Family : Muridae
Subfamily : Murinae


Facts about the subfamily Murinae, the Old World rats and mice

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Believed to have originated somewhere in Central Asia, these Old World rats are found in nearly every place where there are people.

CID 2002;34:1224]: The authors, noted authorities in this field from the CDC and University of Texas at Galveston, review HPS with the following observations: Hantaviruses: Hantaviruses are found in Asia, Europe and the Americas wherever rodents in the family Murinae is present.

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The Deomyinae, recently removed from the Murinae, is well supported as the sister group to the gerbils (Gerbillinae).

The most visible characteristic which sets the Allegheny woodrat apart from Old World rats is its tail.

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Polaris, a protein disrupted in orpk mutant mice, is required for assembly of renal cilium -- Yoder et al. (Full text)

Helicobacter Pylori-associated Gastric Cancer in INS-GAS Mice Is Gender Specific -- Fox et al. (Full text)

Pulmonary hypertension in TNF-alpha -overexpressing mice is associated with decreased VEGF gene expression -- Fujita et al. (Full text)

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Murinae is mentioned in the following topics: murineRock rat ZyzomysBush Rat lamia (animal)Deomyinae (Full text)

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We therefore suggest that the estimated evolutionary rate in subfamily murinae is two to eight times larger than the maximum evolutionary rate (0. (Full text)

Thus the unique dental pattern thought to unite the subfamily Murinae is interpreted as convergent in these three genera. (Full text)

Mighty Mice Are Less Susceptible To Muscular Dystrophy Gene's Effects (Full text)

The classification of Murinae is traditionally based on several cranial and dental characters (57) and in a number of cases has been problematic(58) . (Full text)

An Adoptive Transfer Model of Allergic Lung Inflammation in Mice Is Mediated by CD4+CD62LlowCD25+ T Cells -- Wise et al. (Full text)

Baseline Airway Hyperreactivity in A/J Mice Is not Mediated by Cells of the Adaptive Immune System -- Hadeiba et al. (Full text)

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The sub-family murinae is just one of them. (Full text)

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