Dormice and hazel mice

Dormice and hazel mice

Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Sciurognathi
Family : Myoxidae


Animals in the family Myoxidae

Garden dormouse
Facts about the family Myoxidae, the dormice and hazel mice

African dormice are commonly kept as an exotic pet in the U.

As dormice are an endangered species protected by UK and European legislation, the conservation of their forest habitats is an important part of FC Wales's conservation management plan.

By Amanda Brown, Environment Correspondent, PA News Captive bred young dormice are today being released into the wild at a secret woodland location in Cambridgeshire to try to boost the population of the declining species.

Dormice are a rare and increasingly threatened animal in England and use hedgerows to nest in or to travel around the countryside from woodland to woodland.

Dormice are a type of rodent indigenous to the eastern hemisphere comprising the family Gliridae.

DORMICE® is a group formed in Vienna in 1999 by three artists: Dougal Graham, Heinrich Nicolaus, Sawan Yawnghwe, from Europe, America and Asia.

Dormice® is an art collaboration group formed in Vienna in 1999 by three artists: Heinrich Nicolaus, Dougal Graham, Sawan Yawnghwe, from Europe, America and Asia.

Most dormice are small and have large.

The PTES says what is happening to the dormice is a warning about the fate of the hedgerows themselves, which it describes as "green corridors" between increasingly isolated patches of woodland.

Garden dormice are trapped most abundantly during early spring and again during midsummer, when their offspring forage. (Full text)

ricinus ticks are most abundant in early summer, before the next generation of garden dormice is born, and infectivity for ticks increases with age of this host. (Full text)

Dormice are small squirrel-like animal. (Full text)

Taskforce Dormice is an independant voluntary group set up to conserve the endangered common dormouse. (Full text)

Holden's use of the name Myoxidae is followed here, but this family sometimes is called Gliridae or Muscardinidae. (Full text)

Springheeled Jack06-01-2005, 09:24 AMDormice are an alien species first imported by the Romans into Britain to serve as a light meaty low cholesterol snack. (Full text)

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