Blind mole-rats

Blind mole-rats

Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Sciurognathi
Family : Muridae
Subfamily : Spalacinae


Facts about the subfamily Spalacinae, the blind mole-rats

Blind mole rats are not entirely eyeless, although they certainly look that way from the outside.

Habitats of the Blind Mole-Rats are easily visible by traces of their digging activity, i.

Blind mole rats are one of many types of rodents that are referred to as mole rats. (Wiki)

But blind mole rats are actually spectacular navigators and expertly burrow the most efficient detours around obstacles. (Full text)

Courtship in blind mole-rats is a lengthy process during which the animals gradually become accustomed to one another, which leads to a reduction of aggression and the initiation of positive "contact movements," eventually enabling copulation to occur. (Full text)

Mole rat crystallin has remained remarkably unchanged, they found-- despite the fact that, being blind, mole rats are under no apparent selective pressure to keep making the protein. (Full text)

In the wild, blind mole rats are solitary and highly territorial. (Full text)

Nevertheless, the results strongly suggested that S1 in blind mole-rats is enlarged and displaced caudally. (Full text)

Blind mole-rats are well adapted for life underground. (Full text)

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