These are all the animals we could find that are black

These are the animals that we could find that are black or have some black in their fur or skin or hair or other part of their body. This List has been generated automatically and may contain errors.

tailless tenrec
black wildebeest or white-tailed gnu
dusky musk deer
black muntjac
red goral
Cape grysbok
tufted deer
southern reedbuck
goitered gazelle
Arabian tahr
Pyrenean chamois
roan antelope
blue buck
fallow deer
bay duiker
mule deer
Jentink's duiker
white-tailed deer
black duiker
black-fronted duiker
red-flanked duiker
yellow-backed duiker
Harvey's duiker
Dall's sheep
giant panda
black-footed ferret
cougar, mountain lion, or puma
Beddard's olingo
Jackson's mongoose
black-footed cat
African palm civet
Malagasy civet
black-footed mongoose
slender mongoose
short-tailed mongoose
ruddy mongoose
striped-necked mongoose
hog badger
aquatic genet
hooded skunk
bat-eared fox
western hog-nosed skunk
striped polecat
yellow-throated marten
European polecat
American mink
African striped weasel
American black bear
banded palm civet
small-toothed palm civet
golden jackal
little spotted cat
African civet
side-striped jackal
small-spotted genet
black-backed jackal
spectacled bear
large-spotted genet
snow leopard
Asiatic black bear
pale fox
Cape fox
Eurasian badger
ring-tailed mongoose
Bengal mongoose
Owston's palm civet
sloth bear
Andrew's beaked whale
Hubbs's beaked whale
Gervais's beaked whale
ginkgo-toothed beaked whale
Gray's beaked whale
Hector's beaked whale
Stejneger's beaked whale
southern right whale
short-finned pilot whale
Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphin
Peale's dolphin
northern right whale
northern right whale dolphin
black dolphin
Sowerby's beaked whale
black mastiff bat
black flying fox
Marianas flying fox
Indiana bat
black-bearded flying fox
black myotis
black-eared flying fox
little red flying fox
New Zealand greater short-tailed bat
island tube-nosed fruit bat
black bonneted bat
black-winged little yellow bat
painted bat
black-bearded tomb bat
black-capped fruit bat
black-bellied fruit bat
black-tailed antechinus
brush-tailed phascogale
black-shouldered opossum
long-tailed fat-tailed opossum
black four-eyed opossum
gray four-eyed opossum
swamp wallaby
silver-gray brushtail possum
striped possum
Doria's tree kangaroo
Lumholtz's tree kangaroo
tenkile tree kangaroo
black dorcopsis
bridled nail-tailed wallaby
black-spotted cuscus
black-footed rock wallaby
pygmy rock wallaby
green ringtail possum
black wallaroo
western brush wallaby
black-striped wallaby
western European hedgehog
black-lipped pika
snowshoe hare
black-tailed jackrabbit
Indian hare
scrub hare
Tehuantepec jackrabbit
mountain hare
black jackrabbit
broom hare
golden-rumped elephant shrew
black and rufous elephant shrew
Kalubu echymipera
Sumatran rhinoceros
black rhinoceros
Javan rhinoceros
long-tailed pangolin
northern tamandua
black colobus
Mexican black howler monkey
black-pencilled marmoset
Andean night monkey
Geoffroy's tamarin
red-chested mustached tamarin
Central American spider monkey
douc langur
Midas tamarin
black spider monkey
black-chested mustached tamarin
Bolivian squirrel monkey
black-headed night monkey
crowned lemur
northern night monkey
muriqui or woolly spider monkey
black lemur
black howler monkey
black uakari
ashy titi
white-eared marmoset
Weid's black-tufted-ear marmoset
Central American squirrel monkey
black squirrel monkey
agile gibbon
Kloss's gibbon
silvery gibbon
pileated gibbon
golden-rumped lion tamarin
Javan langur
ruffed lemur
gray-cheeked mangabey
Celebes crested macaque
Père David's macaque
black-cheeked white-nosed monkey
Tonkean macaque
Diana monkey
mona monkey
black-mantled tamarin
white-nosed bearded saki
emperor tamarin
brown capuchin
brown-bearded saki
white-faced capuchin
Angolan colobus
king colobus
Luzon bushy-tailed cloud rat
black-bellied hamster
black-tailed prairie dog
black flying squirrel
black agouti
mountain paca
Gould's mouse
black-rumped agouti
heath rat
four-toed jerboa
Siberian flying squirrel
black-tailed hutia
red crested tree rat
Black Sea field mouse
black-spined Atlantic tree rat
black-eared squirrel
Polynesian rat
Darwin's Galapagos mouse
Maclear's rat
indefatigable Galapagos mouse
Mindoro black rat
bulldog rat
delta pygmy rice rat
house rat
Brazilian pygmy rice rat
black giant squirrel
black-footed pygmy rice rat
ear-spot squirrel
Nelson's rice rat
Kloss squirrel
Ecuadorean rice rat
black-tufted gerbil
Kinabalu squirrel
Bolivar rice rat
gray-bellied squirrel
Gorgas's rice rat
Pallas's squirrel
black-eared rice rat
inornate squirrel
Mentawai squirrel
black-striped squirrel
Andean squirrel
plantain squirrel
coarse-haired water rat
Borneo black-banded squirrel
black and red bush squirrel
Phayre's squirrel
black-eared mouse
Prevost's squirrel
black-tailed mouse
Irrawaddy squirrel
black-tailed gerbil
woolly giant rat
Anderson's squirrel
black-tailed tree rat
northern Luzon giant cloud rat
complex-toothed flying squirrel
smoky mouse
short-footed Luzon tree rat
white-tailed prairie dog
black-clawed brush-furred rat
hoary marmot
Damara ground squirrel
yellow-pine chipmunk
least chipmunk
western red-backed vole
northern collared lemming
Victoria collared lemming
Bering collared lemming
eastern woodrat
rock pocket mouse
marsh rice rat
black-capped marmot
slender mosaic-tailed rat
black-tailed mosaic-tailed rat
bicolor-spined porcupine
Koopman's porcupine
Indochinese ground squirrel
black-footed tree rat
tenebrous shrew
black-footed shrew
coast mole
Townsend's mole
European mole
black shrew
This list has been generated automatically and therefore can contain errors, please keep that in mind.
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