Animals that are endangered

Animals are precious creatures that are important to world. When an animal becomes endangered, it can become detrimental to our environment. An animal becomes endangered when the rate they produce is lower than their mortality rate. However, being an endangered animal does not equate to a death sentence. There is a possibility that an animal can recover. The recovery may take a significant amount of time but it can be done. When an animal becomes endangered, they are placed on the IUCN Red List of threatened species. The IUCN Red List is broken up into a series of classifications: least concern, near threatened, vulnerable, endangered, critically endangered, extinct in the wild and extinct.

Animals that are classified as "least concern" are animals that are not likely to become endangered or extinct but minimal danger is still poised. Species that are classified as "endangered" are in danger of becoming extinct but there is a possibility to help them recover. Animals classified "critically endangered" have a higher chance of becoming extinct very quickly. The IUCN is working with various organizations to help animals that are on the endangered list.

There are many species on the endangered list such as, reptiles, fish and birds. Some endangered birds include the American Bald Eagle and the Great Egret. The American Bald Eagle has been on the endangered list for several years but many scientists are still to try to help them recover and possibly get the animal off of the endangered list. In addition to endangered birds, there are endangered reptiles, endangered amphibians, and endangered fish on the IUCN list. The pupfish is an endangered fish that can be found in North America. Also, the tuatara from New Zealand is an endangered reptile.

There are risk factors that can get an animal of the endangered list. Unfortunately, some of those risk factors include human beings, the one individual that should be protecting these species. Many species become endangered due to humans moving into their living areas and building upon it. In addition to the encroachment of human beings, the environment can also play a role in making an animal endangered. For example, global warming has definitely made many animals endangered. An animal living in a cold environment can be affected by global warming and put on the endangered list. For example, environmentalists are considering putting polar bears on the endangered or threatened list due to global warming. Despite this dire situation, we can still play a critical role in helping get animals off of the endangered list before it's too late.

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