These are all the animals we could find that have stripes

mountain nyala
lesser kudu
blesbok or bontebok
Nubian ibex
bay duiker
yellow-backed duiker
zebra duiker
Arabian tahr
water chevrotain
red goral
mountain coati
Bengal mongoose
African palm civet
crab-eating mongoose
striped-necked mongoose
hog badger
hooded skunk
eastern spotted skunk
western hog-nosed skunk
striped polecat
African striped weasel
banded palm civet
small-toothed palm civet
African civet
Malagasy civet
broad-striped mongoose
giant-striped mongoose
Liberian mongoose
tropical weasel
short-finned pilot whale
island tube-nosed fruit bat
stripe-faced fruit bat
great stripe-faced bat
lesser long-tongued fruit bat
Julia Creek dunnart
stripe-faced dunnart
black four-eyed opossum
black-shouldered opossum
bridled nail-tailed wallaby
black-striped wallaby
striped possum
Sumatran rabbit
Tehuantepec jackrabbit
Grevy's zebra
grizzled leaf monkey
Diana monkey
owl-faced monkey
mona monkey
desert hamster
Dzhungarian hamster
smoky mouse
Siberian flying squirrel
Andean squirrel
southern birch mouse
Damara ground squirrel
plantain squirrel
golden-mantled ground squirrel
yellow-pine chipmunk
least chipmunk
eastern chipmunk
Townsend's chipmunk
western red-backed vole
northern collared lemming
Sokolov's dwarf hamster
Ungava collared lemming
Victoria collared lemming
Ord's kangaroo rat
Richardson's collared lemming
Bering collared lemming
Indochinese ground squirrel
stripe-backed shrew
This list has been generated automatically and therefore can contain errors, please keep that in mind.
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