These are all the animals we could find that are orange

These are the animals that we could find that are orange or have some orange in their fur or skin or hair or other part of their body. This List has been generated automatically and may contain errors.

giant panda
Colombian weasel
swift fox
painted bat
orange nectar bat
lesser false vampire bat
orange fruit bat
black-bellied fruit bat
Woodford's fruit bat
Peters's tube-nosed bat
orange leaf-nosed bat
spectral bat
desert bandicoot
pale-throated three-toed sloth
Andean night monkey
white-bellied spider monkey
black-cheeked white-nosed monkey
crowned lemur
black lemur
golden-crowned sifaka
Central American squirrel monkey
Javan langur
Fran├žois's leaf monkey
black-mantled tamarin
Midas tamarin
Bolivian titi
four-toed jerboa
ear-spot squirrel
Kloss squirrel
Kinabalu squirrel
gray-bellied squirrel
Pallas's squirrel
inornate squirrel
Mentawai squirrel
black-striped squirrel
Phayre's squirrel
Prevost's squirrel
Irrawaddy squirrel
Anderson's squirrel
Brazilian agouti
Congo forest mouse
orange-bellied Himalayan squirrel
red-nosed tree rat
Rajah spiny rat
orange mouse
dusky hopping mouse
Bolivar rice rat
Arizona pocket mouse
Florida mouse
Siberian flying squirrel
orange-spined hairy dwarf porcupine
Damara ground squirrel
least chipmunk
This list has been generated automatically and therefore can contain errors, please keep that in mind.
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