These are all the animals we could find that are red

These are the animals that we could find that are red or have some red in their fur or skin or hair or other part of their body. This List has been generated automatically and may contain errors.

red river hog
Indian muntjac
red-fronted gazelle
red gazelle
Arabian gazelle
Thomson's gazelle
roan antelope
red brocket
little red brocket
red goral
Aders's duiker
Natal duiker
black duiker
red-flanked duiker
zebra duiker
Harvey's duiker
Thorold's deer
gray fox
red fox
Eurasian badger
ring-tailed mongoose
red panda
Simian jackal
black-backed jackal
yellow mongoose
short-tailed mongoose
small-spotted genet
Gervais's beaked whale
pygmy right whale
red bat
big red bat
red myotis
lesser bulldog bat
island tube-nosed fruit bat
gray-headed flying fox
little red flying fox
little red kaluta
fat-tailed pseudantechinus
fat-tailed dunnart
red-cheeked dunnart
red-tailed phascogale
red-bellied marsupial shrew
red mouse opossum
red-legged short-tailed opossum
shrewish short-tailed opossum
toolache wallaby
western brush wallaby
Parma wallaby
Tasmanian bettong
antilopine wallaroo
brush-tailed bettong
black-striped wallaby
red-necked wallaby
red kangaroo
Tasmanian pademelon
red-necked pademelon
red-legged pademelon
crescent nail-tailed wallaby
eastern gray kangaroo
Rothschild's rock wallaby
Daurian hedgehog
Sumatran rabbit
Chinese red pika
Turkestan red pika
European hare
Natal red rockhare
Jameson's red rockhare
Smith's red rockhare
southern brown bandicoot
western barred bandicoot
desert bandicoot
douc langur
mongoose lemur
red-bellied lemur
bamboo lemur
ruffed lemur
red-tailed sportive lemur
slender loris
Japanese macaque or snow monkey
brown-bearded saki
red howler monkey
Tana river red colobus
Pennant's red colobus
golden angwantibo
black spider monkey
brown mouse lemur
avahi or woolly lemur
red uakari
Goeldi's marmoset or Goeldi's monkey
Tana river mangabey
red-capped mangabey
black-cheeked white-nosed monkey
red-bellied monkey
red-eared monkey
owl-faced monkey
Sclater's guenon
Geoffroy's tamarin
red-chested mustached tamarin
Midas tamarin
Bolivian red howler monkey
dusky titi
red leaf monkey
western red colobus
olive colobus
Brazilian agouti
red crested tree rat
Maclear's rat
salt marsh harvest mouse
red-hipped squirrel
Sulawesi giant squirrel
Asian red-cheeked squirrel
red-bellied squirrel
red-tailed squirrel
northern Amazon red squirrel
red-nosed tree rat
Junín red squirrel
royal vole
southern Amazon red squirrel
Eurasian red squirrel
red-cheeked rope squirrel
red-cheeked ground squirrel
complex-toothed flying squirrel
plains viscacha rat
red-legged sun squirrel
red climbing mouse
red-tailed chipmunk
red-cheeked flying squirrel
Douglas's squirrel
red-nosed mouse
red squirrel
red tree vole
western red-backed vole
southern red-backed vole
Richardson's collared lemming
water vole
Crete spiny mouse
red rock rat
Rajah spiny rat
red spiny rat
Sonoma tree vole
red-bellied mosaic-tailed rat
southwestern water vole
hairy-footed flying squirrel
pygmy mouse
green acouchi
red acouchi
fawn hopping mouse
red arboreal rice rat
red hocicudo
coarse-haired water rat
black and red bush squirrel
red bush squirrel
red and white giant flying squirrel
Japanese red-backed vole
Smith's vole
Tien Shan red-backed vole
red tree rat
bank vole
gray red-backed vole
northern red-backed vole
Shikotan vole
Gansu shrew
Kozlov's shrew
Salenski's shrew
Eurasian shrew
lesser red musk shrew
pygmy shrew
vagrant shrew
Hantu water shrew
Sumatra water shrew
greater red musk shrew
This list has been generated automatically and therefore can contain errors, please keep that in mind.
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