Sumatran Striped Rabbit

The Sumatran Striped Rabbit (Nesolagus netscheri) is very close to extinction. According to world experts, Sumatran Striped Rabbits are now standing as the globe's rarest rabbit.

A Sumatran Striped Rabbit lives in Sumatra's Barisan Mountains. Due to their isolation, very little data have been accumulated as far as they are concerned. One thing is for sure though, they are creatures of the night, letting day hours slide by as they hide in burrows. The Sumatran Striped Rabbit resides in what is called Sundaland Biodiversity Hotspot. This hotspot is also the environment for thirteen other critically threatened breeds of animals. The Sumatran Striped Rabbit warns its kind in moments of threats by thumping on the ground.

It has a striped covering, usually the fur is decorated with brown stripes. They have colorless underbellies, fiery tails, and the body weighs around one and a half kilograms. Whether by laziness or fear from predators, they do not go out to look for their foods. What they do is simple: staying under a tree, surviving on plants growing just around them, that means leaves/stalks.

Litter size ranges up to 6 offsprings in a birth. Longevity could run up to close to a decade.

Interesting fact: Just some months ago, this kind of rabbit was photographed, and it was just the 3rd time that this striped rabbit was viewed by the human eye. Third time in 35 years.

Keywords: gray , brown , stripe , red , tail , white , nocturnal

The Sumatran rabbit, sumatran short-eared rabbit is listed as Critically Endangered (CR), facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild, on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Namings for the Sumatran rabbit
A young / baby of a Sumatran rabbit is called a 'bunny, kit, kitten, leveret or nestling'. The females are called 'doe or jill' and males 'buck or jack'. A Sumatran rabbit group is called a 'warren, nest, colony, bevy, bury, drove or trace'.
Sumatran rabbit habitats
Forest and Subtropical / Tropical Dry forest

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