Hares and rabbits

Hares and rabbits

Order : Lagomorpha
Family : Leporidae


Animals in the family Leporidae

Pygmy rabbit
Riverine rabbit
Mountain hare
Sumatran rabbit
New England cottontail
Antelope jackrabbit
Snowshoe hare
Arctic hare
Black-tailed jackrabbit
Cape hare
European hare
White-tailed jackrabbit
European rabbit
Swamp rabbit
Audubon's cottontail
Eastern cottontail
Facts about the family Leporidae, the hares and rabbits

Leporidae is mentioned in the following topics: hareLagomorpha rabbitLepus cottontail rabbitEastern Cottontail (Full text)

Location: The Continent of Gackt The Holy Empire of Leporidae is a huge, environmentally stunning nation, notable for its punitive income tax rates. (Full text)

Species Old identification Reference Comments Hypolagus edensis White 1988 from "Pinole Tuff"; "Leporidae" is listed by Stirton Peromyscus pliocenicus May 1981 "Pinole"

Research Lepismidae LEPORIDAE Leporidae is a family of mammals of the order Lagomorpha, having long ears and limbs and a short tail.

No other member of the family Leporidae is vocal (Cervantes, 1990).

, Leporidae) is far superior to the paraphyletic terms "rabbit" and "hare". (Full text)

  The June 13, 2003 ban on rabbits (Leporidae) is no longer effective.

The Leporidae is the only family found in Wisconsin.

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Odds and Ends: Leap of hares is legit

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time hares is a common misspelling of time shares (Full text)

Which of the following about hares is true? (Full text)

The weight of snowshoe hares is about 3-4 pounds while the arctic hare is 6-12 pounds.

Box 1112, Alexandria, VA 22313 Friends of Rabbits is a 501(c)(3)(9) tax-exempt organization. (Full text)

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com - Everything you want to know about Rabbits is on this site! (Full text)

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Rabbit Damaged Plant Survey The following list of plants damaged by rabbits is the result of a scant survey done in Franklin County in 1994.

coli strains pathogenic for rabbits is unknown. (Full text)

Haemodialysis-induced pulmonary granulocyte sequestration in rabbits is organ specific -- van Teijlingen et al.

Food: hares are such noble, beautiful creatures.

Peeps: Yellow chicks, pink hares are back: //Child Window function pWindow(pPage) {

New Statesman: Food: hares are such noble, beautiful creatures.

Printouts Hares are long-eared mammals with strong hind legs.

Hares are often called rabbits, and both are members of the family Leporidae. (Full text)

The Three Hares Three hares are chasing one another in an everlasting circle. (Full text)

Baby hares are called leverets.

Hares are best recognized by their well-developed hind legs.

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All rabbits are spayed or neutered, and litterbox trained. (Full text)

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Rabbits are Rabbits (Full text)

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