Animals that migrate

The migration of animals have long been of intrest to their human counterparts. A migration of animals or birds can be a yearly occurance. It is when a particular species leaves the place that it currently is to leave that place for a better one. This can have several reasons: they prefer breeding in another place, somewhere else is more food, the weather can change, for example when birds migrate for the winter weather. This migrations take place due to the changes in the weather. They are repeated every year and they are a predictable animal and bird behavior.

We are all familar with the migration of the Salmon. This is a round trip migration for the salmon that will take the entire lifespan of the salmon. Other animals and birds will make a migratory trip many times in their life. Sometime the animal and birds will follow a well known route or they may travel alone. Either way the purpose of migration is to spend the winter in a more hospitable climate and then return to the breeding area so they can replenish the species.

Another fasinating migration is that of the Monarch butterfly. These beautiful creatures will migrate by the millions. They leave Canada and migrate all the way to Mexico. This will take more than one generation of butterfly. The eggs will be laid in Mexico and then the hatched monarchs will make their way back to Canada. There will be a number of things happen that will tell the animal that it is time to migrate. The temperature will get colder, the days will get shorter, food may become harder to find. These and other conditions will set off the instincts in the animal that it is time to move.

There are also different types of migration other than the seasonal one. There is a migration that we are familar with. The birds going South for the winter. Some folklore would have us belive that the earlier in the year that the birds leave for the winter that the colder the winter is going to be. Scientist and animal groups sometimes study the migration of animals by catching them and putting a band around the leg. This enables the animal to be tracked so that we can study just what they do during the migration period.

List of animals associated with migration

dama gazelle
Siberian musk deer
Pampas deer
spotted seal
sei whale
gray whale
northern right whale
great evening bat
red bat
mountain pygmy possum
black-tailed jackrabbit
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